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SmartyAds Ad Exchange is your intelligent solution on the way to high-quality inventory of all kinds. Our RTB Ad Exchange allows marketers to seal deals with publishers in a blink of an eye attracting more attention to your brand. To live up to our promises, we harness the potential of real-time bidding to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts through trading at the ad exchange we have designed.


Powerful insights

Great level of detail brings more clarity to media buying evaluating variety of dimensions. We are reforming the conventional advertising exchange by infusing smart bidding system to promote your brand relying on big data and advanced technology. Our ad exchange uses the power of programmatic allowing advertisers to bid at individual impression level using the allocated budgets wisely.

RTB Ad exchange

Outcome that matters

SmartyAds has developed ad exchange using the renowned technology helping marketers access a large base of publishers and media agencies finding more opportunities to build up brand awareness and generate more revenues at lightning speed. Using ad exchange along with DSP allows buyers access more inventory. Premium ad space at a fair price is not the only dish our ad exchange platform has to serve: we open a gateway to hundreds and thousands of inventory sellers in a bargain hunt.

Individual approach

SmartyAds’ ad exchange gives a chance to choose a high-value company to keep and meet your display objectives across the marketing funnel. To score ad spaces at scale and play with confidence, we have come up with an online tool kit that transforms a conventional ad exchange experience for users. Along with SmartyAds, marketers get an opportunity to explore the busy ecosystem of media exchange and grab a bull by its horns utilizing the potential of programmatic space buying.

Intelligent bidding

Our subject matter experts have come up with a remarkable ad exchange allowing brand promoters to reap the benefits of real-time auction and access selected publishers across the globe. Prime ad spaces come to your table when you opt for SmartyAds ad exchange that brings the bidding process to the whole new level automatically. We feel your pain and want to streamline the digital marketing efforts on your behalf through our ad exchange.

Personal touch

Along with DSP and SSP that we offer, SmartyAds innovative ad exchange becomes a valuable asset our team has brought to busy and bustling marketplace of online advertising. Our technology helps advertisers, agencies, and fellow ad networks utilize the power of ad exchange and grow ROIs spending less. At SmartyAds, we focus not only on volumes of inventory supplied but on quality of ad spaces the ad exchange has to offer to a buyer.

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