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ad exchange for publishers

Real-time perks

You cannot escape ad exchange benefits for our marketplace is a busy melting pot where numerous trading desks, DSPs, and ad networks meet up in real time. Reap the fruits of online bidding and begin monetizing your inventory easily and efficiently with the software we have created to meet your financial goals. Online auction becomes a winning marketing tool that every publisher willing to monetize his website must utilize making full use of digital space selling. Safeguard your earnings through ad exchange by presenting your inventory to a much larger number of quality advertisers, brands, and advertising networks that compete for your ad space in real time.

Secure gains

With our ad exchange yield optimization becomes effortless for publishers who chose SmartyAds as their trusted partner in the fast-paced world of digital advertising. We know the online advertising business inside-out and tailor our technology to your long-term objectives. Our platform aims at creating a great climate for your inventory to be monetized in no time with greater margins and lower risks. Set thresholds and decide which ads to pop up on your website using full control of your inventory. We serve you ads that increase your gains pouring more website traffic while you can sit back and watch your money growing.

Easier money-making

SmartyAds ad exchange helps publishers reach greater success and boost expected revenue and share greater profits by harnessing the true value of each impression automatically. Forget about tiring negations and entrust your ad space to industry leading professionals who do the heavy lifting on your behalf. Maximize your returns from online advertising space selling and allow innovative platform choose impressions to appear on your website. Our solution stack learns the behavioral patterns of users behind the cookie and offers your inventory at ad exchange automatically to potential buyers based on big data insights.

Improved accountability

We are open and have nothing to hide from our partners. SmartyAds presents an opportunity for publishers and media agencies to increase ROIs on every marketing penny spent. Explore numerous selling options our ad exchange has to offer and make money quickly without worrying about sales transparency. SmartyAds starts building rapport with ad space sellers from the first minute they land on our ad exchange.

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