Outsourced advertising sales models are gaining real traction among ad tech players who are planning to build their own programmatic business these days. Even though programmatic advertising platforms are still on the verge of glory, brands aim for more independence in decision-making and strive to unlock all benefits of programmatic buying unavailable in regular solutions. 

Data ownership, unparalleled internal control over operations, and the ability to deliver measurable results to brands. Those are capacities that agencies look for embracing proprietary solutions. For advertisers, such drivers in 2019 are operational control (50%) and media-spend optimization (42%). This is what white-label means in business, and this is why in 2019, 38% of advertisers only in EU turn to in-house.

Advertisers outsourced and inhousing

In-house, white-label, outstaffing and managed service models can all refer to outsourced advertising. They all have their benefits, no matter what they will be used for: product building or maintaining this product and customer service provision. How to apply them wisely and choose the one that works for you? For starters, let’s connect the dots. 

Bringing programmatic trading in-house

The time has come when entire technological platforms are bought and sold like electronic devices. Having enough money, every enterprise or SMB can buy a programmatic advertising platform, from ad exchange to the supply-side platform, demand-side platform or data-management platform

Bayer, one of the world's largest brands, for instance, is planning to transfer all media purchases in-house by 2020. This way Buyer is planning to audit all internal costs, quickly control operations, and manage particular channels. 

In-house programmatic today doesn’t necessarily require building a platform from scratch. The white-label programmatic solution makes it possible to enter the market with a new ad tech platform in less than a month. One of them is SmartHub - the White Label Ad Exchange that significantly extends possibilities of programmatic. 

With SmartHub there’s no need to invest costs in platform designing, testing, and licensing because the product core is already finished and RTB-connected. The rest of the customization process: partner connection and branding is a fairly quick process. Apart from this, working with a white-label solution is a completely new format of media-trading because:

  • In case you have a lot of supply/demand partners you can integrate them in and create an exclusive marketplace with unique demand and inventory. 

  • When you integrate partners of your choice you can control the volumes and quality of traffic and thus, directly impact network profitability. 

  • You can obtain extended traffic optimization.

  • SmartHub is a fully hosted and maintained platform that ensures easy and effortless partner integration that uses endpoints. (necessary support and guidelines during partner integration provided).

  • The qps plan can be scaled if the server workload increases. This guarantees a stable and reliable workflow and opportunity for your business to grow.   

Outstaffing for service provision

Search and training of in-staff specialists is a task that sometimes may stay beyond the capabilities of small or medium-sized enterprises. Outstaffing can guarantee the smooth functioning of services, which reduces the possibility of financial losses associated with downtime or technical problems. That’s why in the advertising business outstaffing is most frequently applied for platform maintenance. 

This way enterprise can hire personnel responsible for managing workflow for their clients on White Label SSP and White Label DSP platforms. As an outstaffer (contractor) SmartyAds attracts its own specialists with thorough programmatic knowledge, strong technical and problem-solving skills. 

For staff training, we use comprehensive training programs. This allows our professionals effectively communicate with your clients, optimize their campaigns and aptly react on slightest changes that may impact campaign outcome. Applying outstaffing from SmartyAds team enterprises can:

  • Open ad businesses in different regions without opening branches and hiring staff locally.

  • Make sure account specialists are always in touch with the rest of the team.

  • Save up labor-associated costs for platform managing.

  • Quickly engage top-class programmatic account professionals unavailable at job websites.

Manage served model

In order to effectively organize advertising campaigns based on so many conditions, like e.g correct targeting, dayparting, supply optimization strategies, platform owners often opt for managed service. 

The company that has experienced programmatic specialists in stuff can run campaigns independently. For those companies that lack such experience, SmartyAds can offer managed service on White Label SSP and DSP, which means that ad campaigns will be tuned and optimized by dedicated professionals (account managers).

Still, these specialists belong to the ad tech provider’s company. This means that ‘managed service’ professionals will also serve clients of other white-label platform owners who ordered managed service, while outstaffed professionals will be hired specifically for your solution.

Managed service gives business owners a lot of opportunities, among which are:

  • Manage-served professionals are much better accustomed to the provider’s software than hired staff.

  • Much cheaper labor expenses for platform managing.

  • Ability to focus on business development instead of servicing part.

  • Ability to establish higher service fees with a managed service platform.

Outsourced ad ops 

Outsourcing and outstaffing both minimize risks, financial, resource costs, and taxes of the company that plans to hire account specialists for servicing clients. The concept of outsourced ad ops can comprise two kinds of collaboration we’ve already reviewed above: outstaffing and managed serve. But how exactly is outsourced advertising applied in digital advertising? 

Similarly to outstaffing model outsourcing enables newly created programmatic businesses to utilize all benefits of contract-based collaboration:

  • Saving labor costs 

  • Saving costs for purchasing databases, CRMs, and additional software (contractor has all equipment).

  • Paying for the result (contractor is entirely responsible for KPI and results).

  • Finding top-class programmatic account professionals for platform servicing.

In-house and outsourced advertising models

Outsourced ad ops

  • A complete delegation of platform servicing tasks to the ad tech WL platform provider like SmartyAds. It can include a manage-served model and outstaffing. 

In-housing model

  • Creating, customizing, and deploying a branded proprietary ad marketplace with WL Ad Exchange solution like SmartHub. 

Manage-served model

  • Accounting service provided by the developer of WL platforms such as SmartyAds WL SSP and WL DSP.  

Outstaffing model

  • Dedicated account professionals picked specifically for the client’s platform - WL SSP or DSP. Trained and prepared by the ad tech provider (SmartyAds).


Benefits of models

Outsourced od ops

  • Best ad practices. Pros bring in their skills and expertise. 
  • Saving costs for hiring employees.
  • Saving costs for purchasing software.
  • Attaining professionals best-versed in programmatic. 


In-housing model

  • Substantial media-spend optimization.
  • Greater operational control.
  • Transparency of all internal processes.
  • Quick platform launch and scalability.


Manage-served model

  • Chance to remove operational burdens
  • No need to hire professionals and train them.
  • The shared experience of top-class professionals.
  • Dedicated account professionals within reach.

Outstaffing model

  • Account managers that stay in touch with your team.
  • Saved costs for screening and hiring employees.
  • Best programmatic account specialists.
  • Software money save-ups.

The outcomes

If you are struggling to find the resources, time and personnel for the certain advertising task, know that today you can do it with White Label which can be applied for all outsourced advertising and in-house models.

If you want to move to an in-house model, you can launch solutions like white-label SmartHub in a month and release yourself from the burdens of difficult integrations and transition to RTB. The software core of SmartHub is fully hosted, maintained, and adjusted by our service professionals so that you could focus on your business goals instead of the technical sides of the product operation. 

All advertising operations and their KPIs measuring can be commissioned to SmartyAds via outsourced ad ops or outstaffed professionals, who will be supporting campaigns at your company on your own terms. Functioning as a single unit (software + people) such a solution equips your business with all necessary resources and available tools that help your business grow and expand. 

Need a comprehensive white-label solution suited to your needs? Let us help you today!

Written by
Oleg Tymchyshyn, Head of SaaS Sales and Business of SmartyAds
January 2020