Introducing new cool feature: Geo Targeting

Categories: Corporate News

Our ever-evolving and extending functionality has enriched with new feature: Geo Targeting.

Each website on our marketplace has its target audience in different locations. For every website, we display four countries according to the highest impression rates. Advertiser can choose between these countries making advertising campaign even more targeted and helping brand reach local customers.

Due to our Geo targeted advertising system your ads will be displayed to those people living within the catchment area of your business, you are guaranteed that none of your advertising dollar will be wasted.

Geo Targeted traffic from SmartyAds is extensive but not expensive. For one extra dollar you can buy targeted traffic for your brand that clearly differentiates your geographical market. And don’t forget that geo-targeting is more influential in search engine results.

Be the first to explore the world of geo-targeted advertising with Smartyads!

Bring your brand closer to the top search engines results and your customers close to you.

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