Introducing Sponsored Posts


After we have received many inquiries from you, concerning possibility to create and distribute sponsored content we have been hard at work on new functionality and finally we are thrilled to introduce Sponsored Posts Feature to our clients. We made it possible to connect advertisers with authors to create the most effective campaigns ever.

Why Sponsored post is an ultimate branding strategy

Now have the opportunity to supply your ad campaign with a brand story written by guaranteed authors, all stats and pricings are in front of your eyes.

Sponsored articles or reviews will help you generate buzz and put a spotlight on your nascent business, set up a dialogue with visitors and get well targeted engaged audience.

Content is a long lasting investment because valuable articles will index in search engines and bring customers in the long run. High-quality permanent links to your website will increase your ranking.

Posting content will energize your campaign as well as give you honest and constructive feedback from professional reviewers and engaged audience.

Why post sponsored content:

Increase readership of your blog by writing high-quality articles that your audience will appreciate. The first rule of blogging is “post often”; it is the key to attracting subscribers.

New highly targeted content will drive up your rank in search engines

No compromising, write sponsored in your personal style contextually matched with your website content

– Make money on what you love and do best – blogging
We are happy to supply our clients with new cool features that will escalate their income and make blogging and advertising world even more fun and exciting. Looking forward to getting your feedback and other suggestions on extending functionality to meet your most refined needs. We are always striving to improve or service for you.
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