We are happy to expand our cooperation with Protected Media. Today, SmartHub has established a new kind of direct business relationship with Protected Media in order to help you identify and prevent fraudulent transactions at the stage of their initiation. Previously, we’ve teamed up with Forensic to combat fraudulent traffic on our demand-side platform. This time we have developed two separate advanced traffic security options for our clients on SmartHub so that they could choose what kind of sophisticated evaluation plan fits their objectives better.

What is Protected Media?

Protected Media is a cutting-edge cyber defense technology provider that mitigates the effects of advertising fraud within supply chains. The multilayered approach of Protected Media enables scanning the traffic in real-time in order to prevent advertising fraud incidences, which, according to the World Federation of Advertisers will cost the ad tech industry $50 billion by 2025. Meanwhile, Protected Media is one of those players that regularly reveal billion-dollar advertising fraud schemes, e.g like the one that a few years ago fished for money in 125 Android applications.

How does Protected Media combat ad fraud? There are more than 7 core technologies involved in each layer of the scanning process. Bot fingerprint detection, reputation classification, advanced machine interrogation, etc., each of these technologies identify non-human traffic and exclude it from the flow to ensure only genuine human-viewed impressions.

How Protected Media will protect your SmartHub

Understanding the significance of both security and traffic volumes that your partners SmartHub generate, SmartyAds has developed an intelligent fraud risk management approach that includes direct and indirect Protected Media integration.

  • Direct partnership. SmartHub owners will be able to operate based on direct contact with the Protected Media traffic safety partner. This means that if you already collaborate with Protected Media or want a direct contract in place, all you have to do is to strike such collaboration and provide your official tech provider (SmartyAds) with setup information.
  • The partnership enabled by SmartyAds. Since SmartyAds is already a partner of Protected Media, we offer you to ease the connection using our own integration. Thus, if you are not ready to spend money and time for direct integration, you can turn on the option "use SmartyAds Protected Media account" and go scan SmartHub traffic using credentials of SmartyAds.


What is the difference between the two?

Both types of collaboration with Protected Media can provide your SmartHub with a reliable shield against advertising fraud and fake impressions. However, with the partnership option enabled by SmartyAds, the SmartHub owners will be able to release themselves from negotiations and resource-consuming tasks — full scanner functionality and controls will be available in the dashboard.

The second convenience-oriented bonus that SmartHub owners receive is that they can turn the scanner on and off when they need it right on the platform. As a SmartHub owner, you will also be able to generate reports and see how your scanner performs during the period. At the end of each month, you will receive an invoice from us for Protected media services, then we will transfer these payments to our partner, Protected Media.

What’s next?

Our team has built the entire programmatic infrastructure, that involves white-label solutions based on which enterprises can build their independent advertising businesses. This profound and deep expertise in building and running ad tech platforms allows us to realize that Smarthub owners need holistic and integrated solutions that prevent advertising risks associated with ad fraud. We are proud to acknowledge once more that we will always provide our clients with access to state-of-the-art technologies and fraud detection mechanisms that turn their platforms into safe, viewable, and transparent ad spaces.

Want to implement fraud protection measures proactively? Tell us about it!