We are happy to inform you that we have developed a new service fee pricing model that will replace server fees. In case you didn’t have time to catch up with the latest events - this month SmartyAds separated SmartHub into an independent business that now grows and develops according to its own trajectory. The first big decision our team has made this month is to delight our customers with new beneficial pricing - the server fees have been permanently reduced by 20 — 43% and transformed into a more advantageous service fee model.

What is a new service fee model?

Previously customers paid solely for servers. Now we reduce this payment and also outstretch it to technical maintenance, server configuration, optimization, customer, and tech support, - in other words everything that keeps your entire platform updated, stable, and smoothly working.

We rarely have the chance to notify our customers about such great news but we’ve been constantly improving and optimizing our processes which made it possible for the company to reduce the pricing structure. Below in the table, you can see how we changed the fees for each QPS plan, the percentage of price reduction and how much money you save.

New service fees for SmartHub QPS plans

QPS Old price New price Your savings
10K 650$ 400$ Price decreased by 38% - You save 250$
20K 1400$ 800$ Price decreased by 43% - You save 600$
30K 2000$ 1300$ Price decreased by 35% - You save 700$
50K 3000$ 2200$ Price decreased by 27% - You save 800$
100K 5000$ 4000$ Price decreased by 20% - You save 1000$

At the same time please keep in mind that we always pay a significant degree of importance to the quality of services that you receive. This way now you will be receiving the same superior quality platform care but for much smaller fees. Get ready, SmartHub will be only getting better! Keep your eyes peeled for more updates.

Sincerely yours, SmartHub team.

Written by
Oleg Tymchyshyn, Head of SaaS Sales and Business of SmartyAds
October 2020