Meet seven more fresh updates on SmartHub! We are happy to announce that  SmartHub is now packed with advanced platform navigation tools, performance tracking mechanisms, and customization features that empower SmartHub owners with new opportunities. Tuning the platform according to their own needs, SmartHub users can measure and shape up the traffic, change creatives, authorize SSP partners, and adjust the rest of the updated features to directly impact the profitability of the ad network.

What’s changing?

  • See server workload

At the top of the ‘main’ tab in your SmartHub dashboard, you can see the number of incoming QPS as well as Outgoing QPS during the period. Such statistics are generated in real-time and can be very valuable to have at glance since the majority of ad operations depend on the stability of servers. The server workload notification will come handy when you need to understand what partners generate more traffic then was initially pre-agreed. If the number of QPS exceeds the limit, the system will automatically display a notice and recommend the owner to change the capacity plan in order to avoid future server overload.

Current Server Workload

  • Find out how much money is earned

In the same ‘main’ tab where you see the server workload, you can find how much money you’ve earned with your SmartHub. Taking a quick look at the right top corner of the screen you can compare how much money you’ve earned e.g today in comparison to yesterday. What’s also important, the revenue is attributed to the formats so it becomes easy to realize what formats work best for your network.  

Current Earnings

  • Editing CRIDs option

With a CRIDs editing function in the settings, you can add your company name and custom ID before the actual identifier CRID string (like it’s featured on the picture below). In the same way, company name and custom ID can be removed from string anytime with CRID editing function.

CRIDs edit settings

  • Authorize sellers and re-sellers with Seller.json

Sellers.Json is IAB’s mechanism designed to ensure transparency and eradicate fraud from programmatic supply chains. Sellers.Json is pretty much similar to adx.txt since it lists all authorized sellers and resellers of inventory on a particular SSP. Accessing public sellers.json file DSPs can discover who the bid request belongs to - direct seller or re-seller of inventory. In the same way, it helps to identify all participants that take part in the auction. As a platform owner, you can publish it in a few easy steps for SSP partners so that they could notify publishers about the enforced standard. 

sellers.json option

  • Receiving traffic through VAST tags

We’ve introduced the new connection type that helps to integrate supply partners by VAST tags standard. VAST (IAB’s Video Ad Serving Template) utilizes XML schema to serve ads on digital video players. It provides a common protocol for the ad servers in order to form a single response format across SSPs/video players. Right now SmartHub owners can configure VAST connections for SSPs and the platform will automatically transform the requests into OpenRTB format and send them to DSPs. As soon as responses from DSPs are obtained, the platform converts them back to XML VAST format and transmits to SSPs. Find the explanation guide under the link.


  • Select custom ad sizes

Custom ad size selection is a function that works with the ease and elegance of the whitelist. You choose preferable ad sizes on DSP and then the system can automatically filter the requests from SSPs and bid only on those that match selected ad sizes. 


DSP sizes


To sum up

We know that as an ad network owner you are responsible for driving your business to the greater heights. This is why you need to have access to various capabilities and platform customization functions we strive to improve in every update. We are sure that this bunch of updates will give you more control over your advertising operations and that stronger performance will translate into better profitability. More is yet to come!

Ready to get started? Test the best updates of SmartHub in action!