In February we implemented the 9 most wanted updates that included Cookie Sync, Traffic Logger, Auction Selector, and API collection to make your system flexible and transparent. 

In this month’s release of updates, we are rolling out the new portion of features that are going to accelerate the workflow on your SmartHub to the skies. We introduce 10 updates that you suggested in feedback! Meet our GeoEdge integration, the report for dropped requests, our new auction logic, VAST tags integration (for both demand and supply), reformulated statistics section, documentation on the UI, and a handy payment reminder. These updates are intended to help SmartHub owners to keep their systems secured, up-to-date, and efficient so let’s sort them out one-by-one.  

GeoEdge Integration 

Viewability is an important aspect for advertisers who do not want to waste their ad budgets in vain. The absence of fraud is equally important because a safe advertising environment ensures that ads are served to the right people, at the right time and at the right cost per impression. This is why we introduce a GeoEdge verification scanner in SmartHub. This scanner will protect your system from cybersecurity issues. Just turn the GeoEdge Scanner switch “On” in the Settings to ensure clean, safe, and seamless media-trading and user experience. 

geoedge scanner

Reporting on dropped requests

When the right bid request reaches a DSPs, it immediately bids on it. The more good traffic the  DSPs will get the more they will bid on impressions and generate profits within your system. That’s why it is crucial to know if something is awry with traffic in your system. Luckily, from now on you can investigate everything that’s happening with your traffic in SmartHub as we’ve added the reporting on dropped requests during the period. As well, you’ll be able to investigate why the system throttled the requests and didn’t convert them into outgoing ones (example of failure description you can see below on the screen). 

Revshare tab in billing 

In order to remove the headaches of calculating revshare, we’ve launched one very convenient feature - a revshare calculation tab, which will count the due payment for a particular period automatically. This tab will be visible only to the users with admin credentials. Just make sure you’re logged in as an admin, go to the billing section, select the period (as featured on the screen below), hit the “filter” button and you’ll see the revshare sum that you should pay to SmartHub technology provider at the end of the month. The amount will be automatically adjusted while your spending is changing.

billing on SmartHub

VAST tags integration for supply

We’ve redefined the integration of the VAST tags for supply so that your SSP partners could pre-define the cost per impression before the auction takes place. The [bidfloor] macros are going to make this happen — now SSPs can easily configure preferable cost per impression and select only those ads that they deem beneficial in terms of cost. We’ve also rolled out some back-end changes to ensure a correct and smooth integration for the in-app environment. 

VAST tags integration for demand

The media-trading on your SmartHub is now truly universal: if previously it was only possible from VAST-to-VAST or RTB-to-RTB standpoint, now it will work unconditionally. What does it mean? It means that, like no other platform, SmartHub enables media-trading across all SSP and DSP endpoints no matter what connection type they belong to: VAST partners can trade with RTB ones and vice versa. As well, with this integration, you can set up DSP endpoints in VAST, enable video serving, tune-up workflow with platforms like SpringServe or LKQD and make use of the additional individual server.   

Protected Media pre-bid integration

With protected media pre-bid integration you can instantly control and monitor the traffic on SSP endpoints before this traffic reaches DSPs. We’ve partnered with Protected Media because the connection to this traffic safety provider will let you monitor traffic, identify and prevent ad fraud from initiation on your platform. In order to activate the Protected Media scanner in your system, you need to make a request that will be fulfilled within 7 days. After this, you will be able to activate the “pre-bid Protected Media” option among other scanners (on the picture below).

Protected scanners

Documentation on UI

If you have a question or two, you can find it on the SmartHub documentation page. All necessary information about the present, past, and future updates will be gathered on this page. Plus, we’ve prepared another specific function for this and it’s called a SmartHub knowledge base. We’ve added an icon at the bottom of each screen that looks like a tiny square academic cap (check it out below). So, now, right in the dashboard, if you forgot something or need advice, you can click on it, enter your query and find the information that you need.

documentation on UI

Aggregated presets with statistics

We’ve analyzed and gathered the most popular stats-wise requests and aggregated them for your convenience on SmartHub. Each of the pre-sets includes their own attributes, metrics, and the periods when they can be measured. The presets generate the data according to the following categories: demand performance overview, the discrepancy with DSP by domain/Bundle, the discrepancy with SSP, partner’s performance, a discrepancy with DSP by Pub ID, the discrepancy with SSP by Pub ID, a performance by Geo, a performance by Pub ID, and performance by sizes. Using these presets you can boil down the numbers that impact your platform performance the most.



Updated logic for second-price auction scenarios

We’ve changed the logic of second-price auction scenarios to let your partners benefit from the changing auction conditions to the fullest. For instance, there are several DSPs and their bids are equal, the one that offers the highest bid wins, still it pays the price of the second-highest proposed bid +0,01$. If only one DSP bids (but the floor price of the SSP is low), this DSP wins this impression and pays this bid. If there’s only one bidder (and floor price is almost equal), this DSP wins and pays bid floor + 1 cent. 

Payment reminder

The cherry on top is a new payment reminder feature — this new notification will appear inside of the dashboard, it will tell you when the payment is due. Closer to the end of the period you will see a friendly reminder that will inform you about the payment and when it should be done. No need to memorize the data and carry it in your head all along — rely on your SmartHub for this.

The last word

We’d like to thank you very much for your feedback, comments, and suggestions regarding new features and functionalities. Now we know what we’ve done right and what still needs to be refined in the future. In the next round of updates, we will deliver to you another handful of improvements and features to make your marketplace even more profitable and transparent. The best is yet to come, forever yours, SmartyAds team!

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