We’ve been keeping in touch with SmartHub owners during the last couple of months — scheduling calls, discussing workflow experience and performance — this all served a noble purpose as now we’re about to provide you with very valuable system insights. We’ve interviewed several dozen independent enterprises who use our technology to find out what QPS plans they run on, how they manage their partners and what formats work best on their branded exchanges (in terms of impressions and revenues). 

From now on, we’re starting a monthly tradition — we’ll share with you cases and tips on how to get more out of the SmartHub platform based on the analyzed data. Read and make your own conclusions while we prepare the next portion of valuable data-driven insights.

SmartHub various stats

10K Plan: Video in-app and banner in-app as best formats 

As a practice and the picture above shows, video in-app format is able to generate $19,548 (profits) and 17897781 impressions during the month. The banner in-app format comes second with profits of $3,961 and 43316991 monthly impressions. Mobile web banners for this plan normally account for 453492 impressions, almost like banners for desktop. Still, they can’t compete with video in-app and banner in-app formats as their revenues don’t reach that high.

Are these numbers sufficient to call the network “profitable” during the month? Definitely yes, however, owners must take into account that these numbers were achieved due to the right platfrom management and operation. These are measures like: choosing suitable DSP and SSP partners, price negotiation and establishment, deep analysis of the traffic volumes, and channeling traffic to DSPs according to their most wanted formats. 

10k best ad formats

50K Plan: Banner in-app and video in-app make it work, again

If you take a look at 50K plan you’ll notice that banner in-app and video in-app formats are also leading the game, just like in 10K plan. The banner in-app formats account for $26,975 (profits) and 263786174 monthly impressions while video in-app format reaps $4,398 in terms of profit and 2183781 impressions. Formats like a banner for mobile web and desktop also generated a few hundreds of bucks when it comes to profit. 

At the same time, we can juxtapose the revenues of most performing ad formats here with a 10K plan. In 50K plan revenues from ad formats altogether account for $31,971 while in 10K plan only for $19,571 (63% less). What does it prove? It proves that the platform with larger capacities can deal with a much higher number of incoming QPSs which inevitably translates into higher revenues.

50k best performing ad formats

100K Plan: Banners and videos for in-app take the new bar

Now that we’ve reached 100K plan we see that banner in-app format generates very high revenues $56,341 and the greatest number of impressions 326493940. Video in-app is second best, it accounts for $4,286 and 2968861 impressions. Banner for mobile web environment, in this case, gets $2,148, 17308688 impressions and even banner for desktop brings in $1,087 and 6356448 impressions. 

Plenty of ads were sold across formats in this QPS plan. Naturally, the overall profitability was much higher compared to other plans. Here we go, the owner of this plan has accumulated $64, 380 during the month and it is 165% higher than in the 50K plan and 228% higher than in the 10K plan. Again, this Smarthub owner had a lot of partners to facilitate seamless media-trading.  Likewise, this enterprise employed a variety of measures to effectively match supply with a demand that triggered more bidding and thus, more revenues from served impressions. 100k best performing ad formats

What’s for the outcome? 

As we can see, in 10K video in-app format generated $19,548 (highest revenue) but in 50K the “leader” was banner in-app format ($26,975). The rest of the formats: banners for a mobile web environment and for desktop were able to generate decent revenues only in the 100K plan. It means that performance from format to format can vary because every network connects partners individually — while some DSPs want to buy video in-app, the others are up for banners and so forth. 

If you have great partners and supply easily finds demand in your system, your marketplace can effectively function even with the smallest capacity of the 10K plan. However, when your business grows and you step to the new level of system performance of 50 and 100K, you’ll get even more money from served ad formats. If your business is still struggling to achieve the results we’ve pictured, it is a good sign that you should take a look at your partners. Work on extending your business connections, manage the traffic flow, match demand with supply, and then your marketplace profitability will grow each day.

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Written by
Oleg Tymchyshyn, Head of SaaS Sales and Business of SmartyAds
April 2020