SmartyAds has news for you: our team is thrilled to announce the roll-out of its recent development – a new solution for better campaign management of our devoted clients and newbies who are yet to come aboard and discover a spoonful of opportunities digital world of advertising has to offer for their business growth.

The debut is the result of hours of sweat and inspiration of our dedicated techno geeks and project management SMEs who take an honor to present a unique product that enables direct server-to-server communication between Supply Side Partners and the Bidder using the latest version of version of OpenRTB protocol.

The Core has a winning combo of several promising add-ons:

GeoEdge User Security

Inventory checks and malware protection has always been one of our highest priorities. Customers using The Core don’t have to worry about security issues


This extension is a watchdog of traffic ups and downs. The tool will give a hint on when exactly to spend your money bearing in mind the traffic spikes

Second Price Predictor

Meet the oracle that suggests the 2nd lowest amount of money that goes after the price offered by the auction winner. The Predictor makes bidding opportunities clearer and more precise

CTR Booster

CTR Booster, a result of internal testing phase at SmartAds, which through continuous self-teaching embraces the needs of a particular user taking into account his behavioral patterns. The Booster is a key feature for far-going online campaigns as it keeps on learning till the project wind-up

WinRate Optimizer

The tool identifies and eliminates the barriers on the way to scoring better leads encouraging deals flow smoothly through sales pipeline. Scalable success becomes a reality for buyers and sellers of inventory helping the businesses cut through the noise of a busy market of online advertising. A newly created solution will become a valuable asset for:

  • Purchasers of media hunting for cream of the crop advertising spaces;
  • Agencies crafting promo campaigns and planning media reach of their customers
  • Brands competing to dominate a particular market
  • Ad networks broadening existing horizons and establishing new connections.

“TheCore Bidder guarantees a clear and secure user experience to its clients”, states D.Chebakov, COO of SmartyAds. “This programmatic multi-channel solution continuously refines bid requests and delivers ad tags in bid responses”, adds the top manager.

Combining dynamic possibilities that the market has to offer with real time decision making, SmartyAds is committed to keep pushing forward the boldest ideas that translate into additional revenues for its brand loyalists all around the globe allowing clients get in touch with plethora of publishing and media houses that support Open RTB Protocol worldwide.

Get ready and greet better sales along with SmartyAds’ newborn, The Core Bidder! If you have any questions, please contact us at

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February 2018