What Payment Terms do you use?

We work on a prepayment basis, that means that if you’re an advertiser and want to activate your DSP account you’ll have to fund it first. For the prepayment, we accept credit cards, wire transfer, and PayPal. You can deposit the necessary funds directly through your DSP dashboard in the “Billing” section. After you deposit a certain amount of money on your account, starting from $500, you’re free to launch your ad campaign and bid for traffic.

What Payment Models do you use?

As soon as you have your account activated and the first ad campaign launched you can start bidding on ad placements using our DSP platform on a dynamic CPM basis, the model when you pay per one thousand ad impressions/views.

Is your technology self-serviced or managed?

SmartyAds DSP is a self-served RTB platform that opens quick and safe access to the open marketplaces. Our self-served DSP Empowers advertisers to tune, manage, monitor, and optimize marketing campaigns according to their needs, staying in control of budgeting, bidding, and targeting, and planning without third party intrusion.

What is a sum of minimum prepay?

The sum of funding is not limited, however, $500 is a minimum deposit for the ad campaign to start. Please notice: In case your account hasn’t been funded in 3-month time span and you haven’t started any active ad campaign during that time, it can be terminated with the balance reset to zero. Be sure to keep track on your account and fund your campaigns in time.

Please include your top 5 GEOs by volume and provide daily volumes available for them, for mobile and desktop separately.

  • US desktop - 200 M impressions daily/mobile - 400 Millions imp
  • UK - desktop 100 M / mobile 250 M
  • CA desktop 80 M/mobile 120 M
  • DE - desktop 150 M/mobile 110 M
  • RU - desktop 30 M/mobile 60 M imps daily.

Do you provide to possibility to upload tag-based creatives?

Yes, we do support JS, IFrame tags for banner creatives and VAST/VPAID tags for video pre rolls.

With which Ad-Servers do you work?

We use our own built-in ad server that helps to streamline the process of media buying. With our own ad server, it becomes easier to leverage the platform, monitor the served campaigns and provide the publishers with confidence they get what they pay for. Our ad servers guarantee the media buying consistency having the campaigns managed from a single control point.

Can I know which tracking platform you use?

We have our own RTB tracking platform with an intuitive technology core, that includes a complex of tools for gathering, analyzing and data segmentation. Our tracking platform is able to collect the necessary customer data and the essential data from your sales channels.

How do you monitor the quality of the traffic?

We use the variety of tools in order to guarantee the traffic quality we provide. SmartyAds constantly controls the quality of traffic that gets delivered to the publishers using such tools as: IAS, Protected Media, Forenciq, and in-house solutions including machine learning + viewability tools.

What are your floor rates?

Our current floor rates for the creatives are as following:

  • Banner - $0.4
  • Native - $0.7
  • Video pre rolls $3.0 (small player), $5.0 (medium), 7.0 (large)

Please be aware that some of the floor rates may change over time due ad environment changes and transformations, that’s why we also recommend you to review the floor rates from time-to-time to ensure the compliance.

What are your top Geos?

We work with Tier 1 countries, the ones where Trafficking Victims Protection Act’s (TVPA) standards were established on governmental level, ensuring the safest possible level of connection.