Retargeting Guide


Retargeting is the technology that allows advertiser to show specific ads for users who visited advertiser sites before. This is possible using user cookies data. Retargeting can be used to run promotions and grow brand awareness, to let existing customers know what's new or bring back visitors who did not convert.

How to use retargeting

Step 1. Create a basic campaign to collect data from it

Select 'Add Campaign' in 'Campaigns' drop-down menu and push the “Add campaign” button. Select ‘Basic’ type campaign, which needed to collect users from it to audience group. Add creatives for this campaign.

Step 2. Create an audience group, set parameters for users to be collected and set campaigns to collect users from

Open the 'Audience Group' section:

Click ‘Add audience group’ to create new audience:

On the new Audience group page, fill the fields:

Set parameters:

Name – Type in a descriptive name for the audience group, f.g ‘Clicks from Campaign 1’.

LifeTime – a number of days (from 15 to 90) that user cookies data will be stored. The longer lifetime you set, the more users are about to store, and each user will be longer available to retarget and view your ads.

Note: The LifeTime of your remarketing campaign will depend on the advertisement goal, and how long is your conversion funnel, e.g, high-value goods with a long conversion funnel need more time for decision making, for a shorter conversion funnel a smaller lifetime period will do.

Select Collection type:

  • Click – if you want to collect users who clicked on ad.
  • Conversion – if there must be users who converted (for example, tracked by conversion pixel from some campaign).
  • Pixel – to collect users who are tracked by pixel.

Next field depends on the collection type: it is 'Campaigns to collect' in case the collection type is 'click' or 'conversion', or it is 'Tag' in case the collection type is 'Pixel'.

Campaigns to collect – select one or more campaign from which you want to collect users. The audience will collect users who participated in selected campaigns.

Tag – the pixel tag appears after saving the audience. Copy and paste the pixel into your site, from which you want to collect users.

After the audience group is created, activate it. To do so, select its checkbox and click 'Start selected', or move the switch in the 'Status' field:


Step 3. Create a retargeting campaign and link it with audience groups.

Create a new campaign with type ‘Retargeting’:

Specify audience groups you want to collect users from.

Set campaign name, start and end date, impression parameters, budget and daily cap as you usually do for basic campaigns.

Add creatives for this campaign and create campaign.

Step 4. Run campaigns.

Audience group will collect users passed through basic campaign if their parameters matched audience group settings. After that, creatives from retargeting campaign will be shown to users who are included to audience groups linked with that campaign. Users are identified by their cookies. Users who will browse through proxy or VPN (so their region may be changed) can still be recognized by cookies.