SDKs Implementation Guide

Main terms

  • Publisher - publisher of application, in which advertising must be displayed
  • Markup - html-markup used to display in-app advertising
  • SDK - software development kit
  • IAB - Interactive Advertising Bureau
  • DPI - (Dots per inch) used to measure a resolution (size) of an ad.


What is SmartyAds Android SDK? SmartyAds SDK is a software development kit that helps publishers and developers monetize their digital inventory via built-in advertising functionality specifically designed for Android-based devices.

What is the purpose of it? After the integration of Android SDK with your apps it will help to send get-requests, receive, display and track advertisements, increasing your mobile advertising revenue.

How does it work? SmartyAds Android SDK collects data about the user’s device in the background, so when requester enters the new markup, some of the data can be quickly retrieved from device. If necessary, the application forms a get-request from the collected data.

Capabilities of SmartyAds Android SDK:

  • Interstitial, Banner, Native, Video, Rewarded Video Ad formats
  • Ad caching configuration
  • Configurable targeting parameters
  • Quick and smooth integration
  • Rendering problems in Android Studio.