Ads.txt Implementation Guide

What is ads.txt:

Ads.txt (Authorized Digital Sellers) is a solution that increases transparency in the programmatic advertising ecosystem by excluding unauthorized traffic sales. The majority of adverts and demand platforms check this file to avoid unauthorized sellers. Use ads.txt to suit such partners.

When the buyers find this file on your site, they can make sure that supplier from which he found your placement can sell traffic of your site.

As publishers can sell their inventory using variety of channels, ads.txt supports the following relationship types for suppliers:

  • Domain owners operating their own accounts for selling on exchanges
  • The programmatic selling networks who represent the domain owners
  • Content partnerships containing several authorized sellers that own one inventory

How to use ads.txt:

Click 'Get ads.txt' to download file for each placement you want to include in 'general' ads.txt.

If you haven't ads.txt, put downloaded file to the root directory of your site.

If you already have ads.txt file on your site, just copy file content and add it to existing ads.txt file on new line.

File contains such records (one line for unique combination of placement and seller, line contains few fields divided by comma):
<FIELD 1> - domain name of the advertising system (SSP, Exchange service, header wrapper etc.).
<FIELD 2> - your Account ID in the advertising system.
<FIELD 3> is the account type. DIRECT - if the publisher directly controls the account specified in field 2. RESELLER - if the publisher is authorized to resell account's traffic.
<FIELD 4> - id, identifying the advertising system in the certification center. (non-mandatory field).