How to connect DSP by endpoint

In the upper right corner, open Admin menu and click ‘DSP settings’.

Here you can create a new DSP endpoint or make changes to existing DSPs.
Click ‘+’ on the upper right corner to create a new DSP endpoint, or click on needed DSP on the left side of the page:

Fill in the fields on the DSP settings page: 

  • Set the Name for endpoint.
  • Set Port (80 by default).
  • Fill ‘Host’ and ‘Endpoint’ fields with values from link for that specific DSP endpoint.
    For example, you have a link:
    Components of the link are:
    Host –
    Endpoint – bid?rtb_seat_id=dsps15&secret_key=AbC8cBFeCgF22f8ebWG6

Set the markup (10 by default).
Type of auction – first price or second price auction (second price by default).

In addition, you can: 

  • Set different bidfloor for different countries using Geo Bidfloor.
  • Set different QPS for different countries using Geo QPS.
  • Set inventory whitelists.
  • Set placement sizes whitelists.
  • Activate API reporting to get the link that allows DSP to receive brief reporting information.
    Paste the link below the toggle and provide it to the DSP.
  • Select traffic types (Banner/Video/Native).
  • Set aggregated traffic (in this case aggregated publisher connects only with corresponding aggregated DSP).

Set the endpoint status (‘On’ by default for the new endpoints).

After finished, click ‘Save changes’.