Documentation in User Interface

Now you can see the documentation right from the platform’s interface. From any page: just click the button in the lower right corner:

You’ll see the latest viewed articles and the documentation structure:


To find an article, you can use the search field: type the part of its name and click ‘Enter’.

You will see the articles relevant to your search.


You can also see the ‘Top search’ area that displays articles that were recently found.


If you didn’t found the article via the search field, you can find it using the category structure.

Click on a category name to expand its contents. 

The selected folder is marked with a frame and expands its content:


After founding an article you were looking for, click on it to see the content. You can get back using ‘Back to help’ link, or you can open the selected article in a new tab using ‘Open in a new tab’ link.