Creating a Gmail service account


  1. Register a new mail on Gmail. It is better to use a random password, as Google offers auto-generate. Save the password.

  2. Go to the Developer Console (Google Cloud Platform Console) using the link under the created account. 

  3. Select the country: ‘United States’. Accept the terms of the agreement.

  4. Click the Navigation Menu:

  5. Open IAM&Admin and click Service accounts:

  6. Click ‘Create project’. Set the name. Save the project.

  7. Inside the project, click ‘Create a service account’:

  8. Set the name of the service account (For example: Protected Media). Click ‘Create’.

  9. Add roles. To do so, click the ‘Select a role’ field.

    1. You must add the Owner role:

      Then go to Project -> Owner:

    2. Add a GCS storage viewer role. To do so, click ‘Another role’:

      Then, find ‘Storage’ –> ‘Storage Object Viewer’:


  10. Click ‘Continue’.

  11. Next, create the key.
    Press + Create key:

    Select the key type JSON and click ‘Create’:

  12. The key is automatically generated and downloaded to the computer. A message appears about the creation of the key.

  13. Provide the client with login, password from the email and data from the downloaded file.


Setting up email and key on the platform side

After the service account is created, set the credentials on the platform side.

  1. Open Settings:

  2. Open the downloaded JSON file and copy values from there to the corresponding fields in Protected Media Scanner area:

Note: for Private Key field, copy all the sequence of symbols between “” brackets. The resulting value in the field will look like:

-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----\nMIIEuwIBADAN7nJAJsKo54kvn7j6Nr8YMvR8UFB2q+uYmGq4CHy/6oM7\nEoFks23h3IO5FqwwcP04\n-----END PRIVATE KEY-----\n