Protected Media Pre-bid

Protected Media, a global provider of digital advertising solutions that detect ad fraud and improve traffic quality, have announced that their pre-bid anti-fraud solution is available for real-time granular optimization of online advertising campaigns.

Protected Media’s pre-bid solution utilizes a variety of data sources including post-bid data, to provide a more informed choice to the demand side’s bidder. The solution includes an on-premise cache, to reach near real-time responses for minimal latency.

Integration features

A separate server is required to connect the Protected Media Pre-bid scanner. This is a mandatory integration requirement. Therefore, to connect the scanner, you must contact your manager and we will complete the connection within 7 days.

Standardly, PM supports traffic up to 50 000 QPS. If your tariff is 50 000 QPS or less, standard integration is available for you. In fact, each incoming request to the endpoint with ‘Scan pre-bid Protected Media’ settings will be sent to the PM server before sending it to DSP.  More requests per second may cause server overload and crashes. You have to be careful with incoming traffic: overfilling can cause timeouts and, as a result, problems with trading. You can manipulate the scanning by endpoint settings (scan traffic from particular endpoints, don’t scan traffic from ‘clean’ SSP, control the overall system incoming QPS, etc.). 
If integration with a larger QPS tariff is required, let us know in advance and we will definitely find out the solution for you. 

What does Protected Media provide?

You must sign a contract with Protected Media first to have the PM pre-bid scanner activated.

After signing the contract with PM, you provide us with the parameters necessary for integration: Customer key, Customer PID, Host, and Port.

Managing the scanner

Important! These settings will be displayed on your platform just after integration with the Protected Media Pre-bid server.

Protected Media Pre-bid server integration can be set up in the Scanners section. To learn more about Protected Media integration settings, please refer to the Scanners section article.
After connecting to the UI, you will see the following functions on the endpoints editing page:

SSP side

Important! ‘Pre-bid Protected Media’ setting will be available on the platform just after integration with the Protected Media Pre-bid server.

If you want to enable prebid on this endpoint, select the Pre-bid Protected Media checkbox and click Save.

If you do not want to use the scanner on this endpoint (for economic or other reasons), you have two options:

  • Clean Traffic - we will consider traffic from this endpoint as high-quality and send it to all DSPs.

  • Fraud traffic - we will consider traffic from this endpoint as low-quality and send it just to DSPs with valid fraud of 100%.


By default, in order not to stop trading, after the connection is enabled, all endpoints will be set to Clean traffic. Please change the settings to your needs immediately after connecting.

DSP side

Important! This settings will be displayed on your platform just after integration with the Protected Media Pre-bid server.

As a result of the scan, PM passes two parameters of the sample - suspicious IVT % and Fraud IVT %.

You can set both parameters on the DSP side.


By default, after connecting, these parameters will have '0' value, which means only pure traffic. Please adjust these parameters to your needs.



Traffic quality reporting can be viewed in the Protected Media admin panel.