How to set up Sellers.json

Sellers.json is an instrument allowing to list authorized SSP resellers.

To set up sellers.json, log in to the platform and open the Companies section. You will see the list of companies.
Pay attention to the Domain column. Some companies do not have domains:

Only SSPs with domains appear in sellers.json.

Open the profile of each SSP company without the domain, and add it:

Then, open Settings:

Scroll down to ‘Sellers.json’ and set contact email and contact address (required; contact phone is optional):

Click ‘Download file’ and check downloaded ‘sellers.json’ file via text editor to ensure everything is correct and all SSPs you need is present in the file.

The file should be added to the main domain. For example, if the platform URL is, seller.json should be added to the domain, so the resulting address should be