How to use GeoEdge

GeoEdge is a demand scanner that helps publishers to stop malicious and low-quality ads from reaching their audience. When sending a response to the SSP, GeoEdge wraps the content of adm with <header> and <footer> tags. If the creative contains a redirect inside, these tags will not allow it to work, but will send an alert about an attempt. All creatives containing redirects can be seen in the GeoEdge Admin panel.

  1. GeoEdge provides you with two files: header.txt and footer.txt.

  2. To use the scanner, go to Settings -> GeoEdge Scanner and switch “On”.

  1. Set tag header (from GeoEdge header.txt file) and footer (from GeoEdge footer.txt file) in the appropriate fields. 

  1. Click “Save” button. 

  1. On the Main page, open Supply Side and choose a Geoedge scanner for necessary endpoints and save changes.