Programmable Bidding

Introduction to Programmable Bidder

As marketers search opportunities to stay ahead of their competitors, differentiation is what they really need nowadays. Try on our Programmable Bidder to optimize marketing budgets and deliver exceptional user experience. SmartyAds knows how to bring the best of innovation to your fingertips. Stay tuned and learn how to change the rules of the game with us!

How to enter in the Programmable marketplace with the existing Programmatic bidder?

  • Guess what? You don’t have to pull out additional resources to pay for billable hours of developers. With SmartyAds ready-to-use programmable solution, you just need to upgrade the bidder you already have adding a few features on top.
  • Spice up user XP with Programmable bidding benefits SmartyAds delivers to your fingertips: lower server costs and bandwidth, generate data-empowered bid requests, and optimize bid-stream on the move.
  • Embed 3rd party algorithms inside your in-house bidder and engage with customers more effectively.
  • Explore the completely new level to do business with SmartyAds Programmable software as a service harnessing the value of “micromoments”.

SmartyAds team offers the first in the industry SaaS solution for progressive advertisers or their agency to build a customized, scalable bidding ecosystem using the power of constantly learning algorithms.

Why being a groundbreaker in the Programmable pays off?

Find out how other marketers and ad agencies already benefit from SmartyAds’ programmable offering. By partnering with us, companies get tons of advantages as pioneers:

  • 1Robust API that operates as fast as the OpenRTB at below 100ms speed.
  • 2Algorithm-improvement system based on the deep-learning helping businesses to cover Programmatic gaps and maximize win rates.
  • 3Endless opportunities to grow business employing new development models with Programmable.
  • 4Eco-friendly approach to doing business: lower infrastructure costs with less Data Center energy used.

Become a leader and shape the future of digital advertising along with SmartyAds!

We deliver micromoments: insights that matter