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Push Notification
Ads By SmartyAds

High-Quality Traffic
With push ads you access high-quality traffic - the push ad gets directly transmitted to the user whose subscription number is attributed to the device. Thus, you gain highly-loyal, motivated audiences, and avoid typical ad fraud threats.
Excellent Performance
More clicks, higher user engagement and loyal customer base - all these factors help push ads reach an unprecedented effectiveness when compared to traditional formats. Given high cross-vertical traffic volumes, push campaigns result in higher conversions and ROI.
Visibility and Reach
Push ads are delivered to the users’ devices in the same way as system notifications, providing 100% ad visibility. Push ads for affiliates work wonders - spanning all business verticals, including restricted ones, push ads guarantee reach and high-volume traffic.
Push ads are noticeable, memorable, and engaging. What’s the secret behind such performance? They don't look like average ads, don’t get restricted by the ad blockers, and don’t cause banner blindness like static formats.

How Do Push Ads Work on SmartyAds DSP?

Push ads can be sent directly from the app once the user opts-in to receive notifications from it. Apart from in-app, push ads on SmartyAds DSP are implemented for desktop and web mobile environments. Push ad unit has a short title and description, logo and the picture. Upon tap on the creative the user gets redirected to the landing page/app/website.
The user enables receiving push notifications in device settings/subscribes to website news.
phone pic1
The push gets displayed on the locked screen in app or pops-up to desktop. The user taps/clicks on it.
phone pic2
Upon tap/click the user is getting redirected to the landing or offer page.
phone pic3
* in-page push units are served directly on the publisher's website and don’t require permission or subscription.

Push Ad Formats

Web Push Notifications
In-Page Push
What are Web-Push Ads?

Normally a web push ad is composed of a short notification message (an alert message, so to speak) stitched together with an icon that appears on a screen when it’s triggered by the user.

Web push ad pops up to the browser from the website to which the user has subscribed to receive ads. The push pops up at the screen, most often in the form of an alert. The user clicks on the push ad and gets to the page with an offer. Web push ads can show excellent performance and ensure unparallelled visibility since they appear on the screen automatically.

Why Push is a Perfect Ad for Your Campaign?
You don’t Need a Mobile App
As long as users subscribe for the notifications coming from a particular website, they can be advertised regardless of OS they use - ads appear in the browser.
High Opt-In Rate
Unlike many other ad formats that require leaving personal data, web pushes only need a website subscription. One click and the user is subscribed, the ads can be shown.
Easy to craft
Creating media for the web push notifications is simple, decide what you want to say and embrace over 80% of the market on Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari.
laptop pic2
What are In-Page Push Ads?

It is a short notification advertising message that appears on the screen almost like the regular web push ad. The bonus is, it doesn’t require subscription and is displayed directly on the website when the user opens the page - no matter what kind of browser, OS, or platform it is.

In-page push ads have broader targeting options, plus you can target IOS devices which entails more personalization, higher CTR and engagement.

Why Push is a Perfect Ad for Your Campaign?
No Subscription Needed
In-page push ads don’t require website subscription. Whereas they look like the average web push ads, they are displayed directly on the web page.
Compatible With Every Device and OS
Since in-page push ads are served directly on the website they can be rendered on all device types and in all operating systems.
No Opt-Outs
Users don’t subscribe for these ads, thus, there’s no option to unsubscribe. As a result people don’t opt out and you have greater traffic opportunities.

Use SmartyAds push ad platform to let your users receive push notifications for multipurpose advertising campaigns that aim to generate more views, clicks, leads, app installs, brand awareness, user engagement across all verticals. They are suitable for all marketing purposes including:

  • Seasonal express sales messages, hot offers, and discounts.
  • Informing users about ‘what’s new in stock’, about new blog posts, new working schedule, etc.
  • Gathering feedback, conducting customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Retargeting users that didn’t make purchase the first time.
  • Encouraging customers to watch educational product tutorials.
  • Striking geo-marketing campaigns when customers stay in the vicinity of your shop, at the concert or other thematically-related fairs.
  • Sending offers to download the app.
  • Building authority by asking users to support you through social media or by rating your brand.
  • Organizing a competition or a lottery that motivates engaged users to visit your shop or win the prize.

SmartyAds DSP
Key Benefits

From $0.001
Dedicated Account Manager
Real Time
Start Campaign

Best-Working Verticals for Push Campaigns

Push ad platform can offer affiliates limitless traffic opportunities. While average advertising platforms may restrict verticals you advertise in, push platforms do their best, especially in:

SmartyAds Push Ads Case Studies

Real Campaigns From Our Push Ads Advertisers
Lead CR achieved 7%,
over 200 monthly deposits
E com
2000+ conversions during
a sales week
ROI achieved 580%
ROI achieved 178%
Dating Age 40+
3 geos, achieved 300+ (70%)
weekly conversions
ROI achieved 500%

Trusted by Advertisers
All Around the World More
Then 10 Billion Impressions Daily

SmartyAds DSP offers CPC basis allowing you to pay for only the users that click on your ad.

Advertisers and Affiliates Trust Us

We strive to empower advertisers and affiliates with best push traffic opportunities. Don’t take our word for it, see what they have to say.
Adam Hoeger
Affiliate manager
SmartyAds is more than just an excellent push ad platform. It is an outstanding tech partner that has a team of highly-skilled professionals onboard who support you on every stage of campaign flow.
Oswald Ernser
Head of media buying
Push ads for affiliates are really exceptional here. No matter what format I choose I’m certain of traffic quality and know that I will reach the ROI I aim for. Several years of successful collaboration prove this.
Lilly Prosacco
Head of user acquisition
I’ve been using SmartyAds DSP for sweepstakes and the service is excellent. Their managers recommended the best bid price. As a result, I had a lot of approved leads. Now I’m planning to launch more campaigns.
Tap Into the World of Performance-Driven
Push Advertising!
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Get your question answered! f.a.q

Since users enable receiving push ads it guarantees a loyal customer base. Being directly delivered to the screen they bring better viewability and eliminate fraud possibility.
Push advertising formats are relatively native to the eye, they don’t cause banner blindness, don’t get caught by ad blockers, and deliver better CTR and engagement than other formats.
They don’t require an Internet connection in order to be rendered on devices. It guarantees that they will be delivered and timely noticed by the users.
First, you download a logo or image of the product or brand you are going to advertise. Then, you fill in the ad title (a short text for your ad).
On SmartyAds platform you can serve push ads according to both CPM and CPC models. The min. CPM (price for a thousand impressions) on the platform is $0.01