Transitioning to Teqblaze

The next chapter for SmartyAds White Label Solutions

Transitioning to Teqblaze

Meet TeqBlaze: Your Next-Level Ad Tech Partner

Text: Step into the future of advertising with TeqBlaze! We've spun off from SmartyAds' white-label solutions to bring you a dedicated powerhouse of ad tech innovation. Get ready to boost your business with the latest in advertising technology. Embark on this thrilling adventure with us and transform your ad strategy. Click to discover what TeqBlaze can do for you today!

AI-Powered Cookieless White-Label DSP

A cutting-edge programmatic solution that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology to optimize digital ad campaigns without relying on traditional cookies. By eliminating the need for cookies, it ensures privacy compliance and provides advertisers with the tools to effectively reach their target audiences, all while maintaining data security and user anonymity.

Features that Set Our White-Label DSP Apart

Contextual Targeting
and Identity Solution Modules

By combining Contextual Targeting features with the Identity Solutions module, we provide a comprehensive targeting approach for enhanced audience engagement.

Keyword Expansion

AI enhances your advertising efforts by automatically generating and expanding high-performing keywords, optimizing your campaigns for greater success.

Machine Learning Algorithms
to Optimize the Performance

KPI-based price optimization for CPM, CPC, and CPA campaigns.

Auto-Optimization Tools
to Reduce Manual Work

Customizable Smart alerts, the tool to pause campaigns, and optimization rules to control traffic sources based on performance expectations.

Want to Learn More
About all Features of Our White-Label DSP?

Discover it all in our exclusive media kit!

Unleash the Potential of AI-Driven Advertising

In a world where data is the currency of digital marketing, harnessing the power of AI is not just a choice but a necessity.
Our AI-powered cookieless white-label DSP is your gateway to the future of advertising.

Precision Targeting

Our AI-driven approach utilizes real-time data analysis to precisely target the right audience, ensuring that your message reaches those most likely to convert.

in Real Time

AI algorithms constantly adapt to the changing digital landscape, fine-tuning your strategy as user behavior evolves. This dynamic approach ensures that your campaigns stay fresh and effective.

Stay Ahead
of Privacy Regulations

Our cookieless solution is designed to keep your campaigns on the right side of the regulations and policies, helping you avoid hefty fines and reputational damage.

Complete Transparency

Our white-label DSP offers detailed reporting and analytics, giving you a clear view of your campaign's performance and the impact on potential leads.

Your Brand, Your DSP

Your brand identity is your strength, and we empower you to maintain that identity with our white-label solution.

Build with the TeqBlaze

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Built with SmartyAds

The Road to Success with TeqBlaze

Partnering with TeqBlaze for DSP platform development not only offers a feature-rich and customizable solution but also provides a strategic advantage in the highly competitive digital advertising industry. You'll benefit from our expertise, technology, and ongoing support, positioning your business for success and growth in the DSP market.

Unlimited Customization

Partnering with our team of experts allows you to go beyond the standard platform features, offering unlimited custom development possibilities to implement any of your ideas.

Comprehensive Business Insights

We provide in-depth business analysis at no additional cost, helping you identify opportunities and refine your strategy for maximum success in the DSP market.

Speed to Market

Partnering with us allows you to enter the market quickly. We provide a ready-to-use white-label DSP platform, reducing the time it takes to launch your service.

Access to Advanced Technology

TeqBlaze leverages cutting-edge technology to keep your platform competitive. Our partnership ensures you have access to the latest features, tools, and industry best practices.

Customer-Centric Support

Your success is our success. We take pride in going the extra mile to help you achieve your goals, providing the support and insights you need.


No matter the size of your business, our white-label DSP is designed to scale with you. So whether you're a startup or an enterprise, we have a solution that fits.

Training and Knowledge Transfer

We offer training and knowledge transfer sessions to ensure your team is well-equipped to operate and manage the DSP platform effectively. This knowledge transfer is a valuable resource for the ongoing success of your business.

The Future is Here, and it's Cookieless

Discover other SmartyAds’ white-label solutions, and start your journey to advertising success today!

For Sellers

White Label SSP + Ad Exchange

A prebuilt programmatic technology for setting your own transparent and well-controlled in-house monetization platform.
Establish your own trading terms, adjust media-selling to your needs and augment yields effectively.

Create Your Own Programmatic Universe

with our White Label products and rule it the way you like!

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