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At SmartyAds, we've redefined the world of white label SSP + Ad Exchanges. Our solution is more than just a platform; it's a strategic ally for publishers, and SSPs. With a range of differentiators and powerful machine learning algorithms at your disposal, our white label SSP + Ad Exchange is built to enhance performance and profitability.

ML-powered performance
optimization toolset
Free Prebid adapters
Real-time reports
White Label SSP
Ad Exchange
Integrated identity
link solutions
Built-in supply and
demand scanner connectors
Professional account
management team

All Possible Formats and Environments to Work With


Mobile Web


Rich Media (HTML5)
Audio Ads

Boost Your Income by Recommending Our White-Label Products to Your Network

Earn a commission on the gross revenue generated by your referrals in their first year

Machine Learning Algorithms for Peak Performance

In our efforts to improve the performance of the white label SSP+Ad Exchange platform, we have integrated state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms to enhance critical aspects of your operations.

Smart Throttling

to ensure that ads are delivered at the right time to the right advertiser.

Adaptive Margin

to ensure that your pricing strategy remains competitive and profitable.

Win Rate Optimization

to enhance your chances of winning bids.

Dynamic Floor Price Mechanism

to determine the minimum bid price for ad impressions.

Boost Your Ad Exchange Competitive Edge And Revenue Potential

In line with our dedication to enhancing your white label SSP + Ad Exchange platform, we've developed custom Prebid adapters tailored to your needs, and the best part is that they are completely free.

Prebid Server


Prebid Mobile

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Ensuring a Secure And Cookieless Ecosystem

Experience a more secure and efficient advertising environment with the seamless integration of state-of-the-art Identity Link Solutions into our white label Ad Exchange. Say goodbye to cookies and usher in a brighter, more protected future for digital advertising.

Enhanced User Privacy

  • Reducing reliance on cookies and respecting user privacy.
  • Compliance with data protection regulations is streamlined.

Cross-Device Continuity

  • Seamless user experiences across devices with unified user identity.
  • Users can switch devices without distorting attribution.

Data Security

  • Robust security measures protect user data.
  • Reduced risk of data breaches and cyberattacks.

Built with SmartyAds

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CTV Provider + SmartyAds White Label Solutions

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Boldwin + SmartyAds Enterprise Solutions

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Built with SmartyAds

Pawing the Paths to Greater Opportunities

When you build your own custom supply-side platform, you get all the benefits of an SSP, plus,
you also step beyond the limitations of the conventional programmatic trading:

Your Platform — Your Data

In your own trading environment all data belongs to you, this guarantees full data ownership - something that can't be achievable with third-party tech providers.

Full-stack Programmatic Product

Best-in-breed innovative programmatic technologies, abundance of integrations, and capacities enable us to provide you with a complex yet affordable forward-thinking solution.

Branded Look and Feel

Create your own branded programmatic SSP with a unique name, features, and functionalities and capitalize on it according to your terms.

Full-cycle Dedicated Support

Ad ops, account managers, project managers, tech specialists - we support your system from head to toe and work with you closely to suggest you how to develop your business.

Unique Partnerships

Carefully select and connect demand and supply partners of your own choice and create a unique media trading environment with proved and trusted traffic onboard.

Ultimately Safe Ecosystem

We've made your system 100% fraud-resistant by providing you with a variety of anti-fraud mechanisms: integrate fraud- protection scanners and safeguard SSP from the ground up.

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White Label DSP

A fully functional prebuilt technology designed for quick deployment of the programmatic demand-side platform.
Shape up media-buying independently and boost profits whilst applying advanced functionalities and media-buying controls.

Create Your Own Programmatic Universe

with our White Label products and rule it the way you like!

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