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Brands and Agencies
Data-driven programmatic media buying solutions for brands, media buyers, and agencies
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Demand Side Platform
Launch and manage omnichannel campaigns across mobile, display, native, video ad formats
Data Management Platform
Transform your data into smart data that powers personalized advertising across all channels and digital dimensions
Publishers and App Developers
Publishers and App Developers
Programmatic ad monetization and yield management solutions for web and mobile publishers
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Supply Side Platform
Get advanced control to manage your demand partners across all channels and formats
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Enterprises and Ad Tech Partners
White Label Solutions
Fully customizable White Label advertising platforms to launch your own business
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If you want to hire one ad ops manager or a team of ad management experts, we will find the best solution for you
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Designed to bring transparency to programmatic digital advertising
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Programmatic ad marketplace with prioritized access to demand partners via direct publisher relationships
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Consolidate all user data in one hub, get to know your customers better and manage campaigns effectively
Quantum Analytics
Get actionable insights through data visualization in a new, real-time analytics and reporting platform

How Does It Work?

SmartyAds White Label SSP® is not just a supply platform but also a fully integrated technology with a complete programmatic ecosystem surrounding it. Within our robust advertising technology, we provide a balance among selected advertisers, major advertising networks, DSPs and trading desks, ensuring our publishers a fixed revenue stream from every opportunity. With SmartyAds White Label Supply-Side Platform®, publishers independently manage their display, video and mobile inventory and access global marketplaces with thousands of buyers and demand partners for profitable ad serving — on the most transparent programmatic platform available.

Uncover the Powerful Features of SmartyAds White Label SSP


Single Intuitive Platform

Start using a next-generation supply platform. With customized real-time dashboards, user notification framework and advanced report scheduling, publishers manage their workflow easily and intuitively.

Access to Infinite Global Demand

SmartyAds white label solution allows publishers who wish to monetize their audiences to sell through Programmatic Direct, Private Marketplaces (PMP) and RTB Exchanges. Publishers gain access to unlimited demand and sell available advertising space on their own terms.

Big Data Analytics and Reporting

SmartyAds White Label Supply-Side Platform® uses real-time data to produce granular reports and accurate statistics of the campaign's performance. The technology collects and aggregates data, carefully analyzing and piecing it together to help publishers create truly competitive campaigns.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Using artificial intelligence and powerful machine learning-based techniques, SmartyAds developed sophisticated decision-making algorithms that allow publishers to sell their digital inventory more efficiently and at higher interest rates.

Real-time Bidding

SmartyAds White Label Supply-Side Platform® enables direct server-to-server connections between demand-side partners and WL SSP via OpenRTB 2.5 protocol as well as other custom APIs, ensuring seamless cooperation between ad networks and media agencies.

Variety of Advertising Formats

SmartyAds helps publishers to maximize the value of their digital media assists at a global scale by choosing ad formats that benefit their audiences. Boost ROI with traditional banner, video or native ads of any size or shape. SmartyAds White Label SSP® supports all IAB-compliant formats (HTML, Open RTB up to 2.5, VAST, VPAID).

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The Benefits of White Label Solution

Automate packaging and sales of managed ad inventory
Utilize ad space efficiently, by setting the price for each advertising space and choosing what advertisement would appear in front of their target audience
Develop unique partnerships with advertisers and agencies from all around the globe and decide which type of media content will be displayed and which will not
Discover programmatic potential and monetize traffic, selling each impression for the highest price
Protect content with fraud-detection mechanisms and brand safety verification partners that are natively integrated into the platform
Receive 24/7 tech support that helps solve any issue and troubleshoot any problem over the campaign period

SmartyAds White Label Supply-Side Platform® includes the following modules and extensions:

Core Programmatic Ad Requests Generation Mechanism
Front-end User Interface
Appearance Settings
Business Logic Settings
Android Application Inventory Interface and SDK
iOS Application Inventory Interface and SDK
Private Deals Interface
Anti-Fraud Detection Mechanism

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Decide whom to trade with, avoid open exchanges, keep hidden margins and safeguard your privacy with white label marketplace. Opt for open RTB auctions, exclusive deals or programmatic direct.
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