How Does It Work?

SmartyAds White Label Ad Exchange delivers a cutting-edge content personalization that allows organizations to configure their pro marketplace in a way it generates the highest returns possible. No need to rely on ad networks, third-party ad exchanges or intermedi that often trap you in the hidden margins that result in a budget loss. Now you can create an Ad Exchange with your own trading rules b white label platform.

Start uncovering the value of your consumer data by offering demand partners retargeting options and audience extensions. You may the first-party user database by aligning with exclusive supply partners in the ecosystem. SmartyAds White Label Ad Exchange is fully with hundreds of advertisers, DSPs, Ad Networks and Agency Trading Desks worldwide and you are in charge to decide what, when, to on which terms to sell your digital inventory. Manage the entire network and achieve outstanding results.

Explore Advantages of SmartyAds White Label Ad Exchange Solution:


Easy to Launch

Our ready-made solution enables rapid market penetration. Acquire the platform, brand it and start using right away. SmartyAds White Label Ad Exchange® is officially patented; therefore, you do not need a license to use it. Enjoy the privileges!

Personalization Tools

Discover how simple the branding can be: incorporate your brand identity into the various elements of the user interface, set up a personal ad-serving domain, add your logo, and theme colors. Easily integrate your brand’s look and feel into all aspects of the platform!

Maximum Creativity

By using our white label Ad Exchange, you get access to the portal of the programmatic intelligence. SmartyAds works on the edge of technology, incorporating machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data to build precise algorithms that run like clockwork. Let the professionals deal with the technical part while you focus on marketing!

Minimum Investment

Don’t reinvent the wheel – pay minimum platform fees for using our white label Ad Exchange. Whether you use a platform by yourself or become a white label reseller, our solution helps to build loyalty, enhance customer experience and inevitable monetize your business. Save on research, development and launching with SmartyAds!

Full Control

Be in charge of every programmatic transaction. Manage partners, connections, prices and sales channels in the trading environment. Test white label Ad Exchange in different configurations and see what works better for you. Adjust settings at any time and enjoy the finest performance.

SmartyAds Support

White label means freedom; however, it does not imply abandonment. We always keep an eye on you and stay on duty 24/7 to help you in case you have questions or issues.

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Uncover SmartyAds White Label Ad Exchange® Features:

Instant Access to Programmatic Demand

Immediately enter the trading territory with first-tier demand partners. Our white label Ad Exchange comes in a package with integrations to major DSPs, Ad Networks and ATDs necessary to quickstart with programmatic trading. Configure relationships with media buyers and start selling locally and globally.

Multiple Selling Options

Choose the way of selling your digital inventory. Enjoy high demand and dynamic pricing in open RTB auctions, maintain stable revenue streams with programmatic direct, and sell the most valuable inventory with premium deals.

Offer Audience Extensions

It is time to get the most value out of the user data by using this most popular feature among publishers. Audience extensions allow sharing information about your consumers so media buyers could reach them far beyond your website or application and get the ability to retarget. The best way to generate yield from your traffic!

Your Network

SmartyAds White Label Ad Exchange® is highly intuitive and as all necessary tools to help you optimize the performance. Add new connections, whitelist and blacklist partners, and enjoy robust filtering options. Modify settings to achieve the remarkable results in the long run.

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