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SmartHub — White Label Ad Exchange
That Works on Your Terms

Developed for ambitious publishers, ad networks, and tech companies
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SmartHub: Beyond limitations of programmatic

SmartHub (White Label Ad Exchange) is a leading customizable RTB programmatic platform for building scalable, transparent, and ultimately profitable self-branded marketplace that you can manage and control. SmartHub was designed to serve the interests of independent business who strive to personalize media-trading environment, receive a 360° overview of all system activities, and deploy advertising strategies according to their own roadmap.
Our experienced team has been creating patented programmatic technologies since 2013 to empower SSPs and other ad tech companies with flexible solutions they can adjust to personal objectives, KPI, design, and represent through their own brand.

Reasons why businesses choose
SmartyAds White Label Ad Exchange

Decision-making flexibility
Your white label ad exchange - your decision what partners to integrate and trade with. Easily add the best partners to optimize and elevate efficiency of your marketplace.
Advanced trading conditions
Configure advanced rules for the media-trading in your programmatic environment. Control how various kinds of placements are sold, at what price floors, and to which partners.
Price transparency
No more excessive service commissions given to third-party ad exchanges. All the advertising incomes obtained are retained so that you could maximize trading outcomes.
Corporate identification
Every detail of the platform is individually tailored to your own brand identity, UI, and additional needs that will be satisfied through extended on-request functionality.
Quick deployment
There’s no need to develop and design platform from scratch. You can save time and budget launching and capitalizing on your ready-made private label solution right away.

Core features and capacities of White Label Ad Exchange

Superior RTB bidder
Buy desktop, video, mobile, native, and rich-media inventory for all screens and platforms. Sort out only the best impressions and bid on them in real-time.
Uber-precise targeting
Deliver ads to the right audience, at the right time, through the most converting channels applying 30+ custom targeting parameters (IP, OS, geo, device, language, and more).
Real-time Analytics
Granular statistics generated in real-time explores every dimension of your ad campaign performance in 1.5 sec: from eCPM, to Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, and other metrics. 
Integration flexibility for partners
Integrate the new partners to the marketplace or remove the old ones. The technological flexibility makes managing partners and applying new business rules fairly easy and quick.  

Get your question answered! f.a.q

SmartHub ad exchange is an omnichannel solution designed for desktop, mobile web, mobile app, and connected TV channels. Rich-media, native ad formats, in-stream, out-stream videos, interstitials, pop ads, push ads, and other formats will be rendered equally well on every type of inventory.
The platform continuously processes bid requests based on OpenRTB protocol 2.5 and earlier to provide supply and demand partners with access to the automated media-trading across the broadest range of platforms and advertising solutions they integrate into the white label ad network.
Right after you contact us and leave your request, you’ll be assigned with a personal manager who will make for you all necessary arrangements. The time of implementation will depend on the complexity of your solution and additional customization. After white label ad network is implemented, our support will still assist you considering any question you may have.
Create your own programmatic universe
with our White Label products and rule it the way you like

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