About SmartyAds

The Full-Stack Programmatic Advertising Company

SmartyAds is a Digital Advertising Platform that encompasses fully automated technologies, serving the global digital advertising ecosystem.

Our mission is to make programmatic easy and effective for demand and supply clients by combining massive self-serve DSP, extensive SSP base and RTB Ad Exchange; all under one roof.

We fuel advertising campaigns with display, video, native and mobile, providing WW reach.


OpenRTB 2.4 compliant



Rocket fast
ad serving


Easy and
intuitive interface

Various ways
of connection

Total control
over your properties

Only trusted
advertising materials

Based in London, UK, since 2013, the company has tripled in size opening offices in New York and Miami, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur, going global.

SmartyAds offers a wide range of programmatic solutions for automation and optimization of digital ad buying process, advanced targeting options and detailed campaign reporting. We connect publishers and advertisers for the best deals, and helps clients to boost revenues and maximize ROI.

Serving billions impressions a day our system learns, gathering data and insights to provide you only with the best and relevant demand or supply.

SmartyAds automates buying & selling process and gives you real-time advantage.

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Connect to over 2500 Ad networks & DSPs and over 1000 Supply Partners directly integrated worldwide