Dynamic RTB platform

Today, real-time ad bidding became one of the most trending buzz words in online media. Yet, there is not enough clarity on what it really is. SmartyAds takes pride to introduce you to its innovative solution that harnesses the power of automation making media ads monetization and buying more dynamic in real time. In a nutshell, our team offers you to explore real-time bidding, a process of ad purchasing and monetizing ad inventory at streaming auctions that happen instantly in real time that it takes a particular page to appear on your screen. It takes barely a blink of an eye for a bid response at RTB advertising platform and for your opportunity to strike the deal.

Got it, and what’s the catch?

Using the power of RTB, this ad exchange presents the data for auction and allows a marketer offering the highest possible price have the insights we have scooped for you. The prime bidder ahead of the curve grabs an opportunity to display his ad at the webpage being loaded. So if you are an advertiser, RTB solution helps you skip direct negotiations with publishers discussing CPM rates, because ad bidding happens automatically. As a digital publisher, you can offer a certain part of your traffic for online auction in real time maximizing yield per every ad. Juggling algorithms, embedded RTB component will decide which impression is the most relevant to display and get clicked on to increase traffic margins from that specific inventory.

Online auction

What else is in the box?

Your Ad

To benefit more from real time bidding, we offer an advertising company a cherry on top and present our DSP that weighs up impressions to buy and the amount of marketing budget to spend on this certain bid. As an intelligent programmatic tool, SmartyAds real time ad bidding technology stack helps buyers to target audiences at scale and guarantees proper ad performance because they can choose whom and where to show specific ad: for it is likely to be seen by the right user: a person who browsed for ankle strap heels will not be shown the ad for Skechers performance shoes etc. When SmartyAds’ SSP sends impressions into our ad exchange, DSP buys them on advertiser’s side based on certain set of parameters such as spot where the ad will be displayed and a user that gets served the ad. In real-time auction mode, the ad impressions get exposed to a larger pool of potential buyers making media purchasing more effective. SmartyAds values your time and money!

Why does our real-time bidding system become essential?

SmartyAds presents B2B bidding platform that utilizes artificial intelligence and big data that come handy determining which ad impressions exactly to show on the website maximizing the chances to seal the deal. Our RTB ecosystem is an auction based setting that allows sellers and buyers of ad inventory engage more effectively bidding for impressions that add value to their business. Enjoy full controls of real-time media buying teaming up with SmartyAds!

Partner with SmartyAds to bid smarter

Are you still hesitant about your choice? Don’t be! With direct buying not yet been a bygone but slowly drifting back and getting comfy being the 2nd violin, Real-time online bidding platform of SmartyAds is a trending ad solution that bridges the gap between growing demand for quality ad spaces and inventory media agencies and publishers need to monetize. SmartyAds experts along with its bidding platform open a one-stop source of quality leads connecting numerous demand sources with sellers of inventory increasing the chances for their impressions to go off the table more effectively with the price determined at a lighting speed. Why not trying your chances to work smarter? With tons of sites accepting ads, real time bidding becomes a key to successful decision-making process for an advertising company since it happens effortlessly.


Stay tuned and grow your potential along with us allowing a pacesetter being your business companion!