#Real-time Bidding Solutions for Your Business

Real-time bidding (RTB) technology has changed the way digital inventory is bought and sold by introducing per-impression basis (CPM) online auctions. Now, advertisers and publishers can automatically bargain, trade and control media buying process. RTB auctions are fast, efficient and cost-effective for both sides of the programmatic


SmartyAds is the most innovative worldwide provider of the RTB technology in the market today. Our tech engineers have developed ROI-focused programmatic infrastructure that integrates the major components of the RTB ecosystem under one roof. Using advanced machine learning and proprietary algorithms, we have built real-time bidding architecture that runs seamlessly — delivering unprecedented results.

SmartyAds offers a multi-channel and cross-device engagement platform that supports video, native, display, mobile and in-app ad formats, giving advertisers and publishers the freedom to choose advertising formats that boost performance and generate higher ROIs. Choose a performance-based metrics that fit your campaign objectives. Whether it is CPM, CPI or CPA, you are always in control of your pricing model.

Consider SmartyAds as a mediator because our full-stack programmatic solutions serve the needs of both sides: the buyers and the sellers. SmartyAds RTB community unites ad networks, ad exchanges, agency trading desks, and supply and demand partners to drive data activation for


RTB Ad Exchange

SmartyAds Ad Exchange® is a robust online advertising marketplace that connects thousands of media buyers with premium digital publishers and app developers from around the world. Enter ad exchange to work in close partnership with exclusive supply partners, find your target audiences and deliver highly targeted advertising creatives that bring better ROI for your business. By plugging into the SmartyAds Ad Exchange, publishers can finally uncover the real value of their ad inventory and sell ad spaces at competitive prices, ensuring 100 % fill rates and monetizing remnant inventory.


RTB Demand-side Platform

The dream of every digital advertiser is to deliver ads that resonate with the audiences — ads that not only increase brand awareness and build customer loyalty but also provoke a direct response and boost immediate sales. These goals could be achieved by using a new-generation SmartyAds demand-side platform (DSP). Through a highly intuitive platform interface designed uniquely for media buyers, you can manage multiple advertising campaigns, access local and worldwide supply partners, optimize your targeting settings, and track campaign performance by analyzing granular statistics and real-time reports.

Custom Bidder

Create a customized bidder solution that increases conversion rates and drives direct response. Experiment, analyze and opt for the best-performing bidding tactic via SmartyAds Custom Bidder Platform. By combining your supply, data and algorithms, you get unlimited opportunities to create custom predictive models for real-time bidding auctions.



SmartyAds had developed a robust application programming interface (API) that enables software to speak a common language by integrating third-party applications, social media channels, marketing, advertising, and analytical services in one platform. Real-time bidding API ensures consistent programmatic access to the latest data from multiple sources. API allows for managing auctions on various websites, receiving bidder information about sold inventory, gathering feedback on transactions and delivering a better experience to the target audiences.


RTB Supply-side Platform

Digital publishers, app developers, website and blog owners of any size can join the RTB ecosystem and start monetizing their content by using SmartyAds Supply-side Platform. Cutting-edge technology allows online publishers to monetize digital inventory, choose the ad formats and ad sizes that fit their audiences, manage profits by defining bid floors, and offer ad inventory to multiple demand sources simultaneously. Programmatic technology ensures the delivery of non-intrusive, relevant ads that wouldn’t interfere with the user experience.

White Label Solutions

SmartyAds offers white label products such as SmartyAds White Label DSP and SmartyAds White Label SSP for media buyers and sellers. Our white label solutions are custom-made, tested in real-time bidding environment and personally tailored to every client. The final step is adding your brand identity, logo, colors and theme, and you can start using it right away as your own. When choosing white label software, you save your time, money and efforts; therefore, you can concentrate on what you do best: marketing. Just leave the technical part to us.


and Managed Services

SmartyAds provides different levels of support to publishers and advertisers. Self-serve SSP and self-serve DSP give clients full control over campaign optimizations and settings: You will be in charge of the budgeting, targeting options, bidding and decision-making. However, for those who need assistance, SmartyAds offers managed services. By getting managed SSP or managed DSP and Ad Exchange clients receive a dedicated account representative who is available to consult on any stage of the workflow.


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