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Maximize ad revenue & minimize costs using SmartyAds SSP

Our yield optimization platform becomes a powerful asset helping clients monetize digital inventory in no time. Pitching your offerings directly to millions of advertisers looking for suitable advertising space becomes easier with sell side platform we propose.

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What we offer

In a busy and fast-paced world of digital advertising, SmartyAds SSP becomes a one single source of offerings tailored to customers’ needs. Along with our product, publishers access opportunities that best match their long-term goals and allow campaign managers spreading the wings on the way to results that matter.

Detailed insights and control

Our team has created a state-of-the-art SSP, a comprehensive marketing tool kit to optimize and monetize online advertising involvement for publishers. Generate and customize reports easily to get clear picture of campaign performance and stay up-to-date.

Omni-channel model

Build up the right sales strategy while SmartyAds SMEs take the burden of selling digital advertising space off your shoulders. Optimize sales pipeline across different screens and impression types with sell side platform we designed.

We work with:

native advertising ssp
Native Ads
video ssp platform
Video Ads
ssp display advertising
Display Ads
ssp mobile advertising
Mobile and In App Ads

Real-time auction

Keep calm and watch yield getting higher while RTB SSP does all the hard work instead of you. Forget about cumbersome manual buying process and let supply side platform make use of piles of data to achieve better outcomes of advertising efforts you invest.

Why publishers choose us

When clients partner with SmartyAds, they get more than just Supply side platform to manage campaigns. Our team has utilized technology that enables publishers to approach larger pool of buyers connecting the dots of ad space selling puzzle.

The things that publishers value most about working with us are:

  • 1Easy to set up full-service solution
  • 2Personal approach (we will help you out at every step)
  • 3Fast and easy payouts
  • 4High quality advertisers (you can personally approve every ad)
  • 5Modern technology that works rocket fast (that means our ads will never lag your website)
  • 6Backfill function (you can be listed on the marketplace and run your own ads until you get an advertiser from us)
  • 7Opportunity to monetize unsold inventory (through the third party trusted partners)

A winning online marketing stack allows publishers get full control over desktop as well as mobile advertising and start monetizing ad space more efficiently.

Transform campaigns into powerful tools along with our SSP. Let your sales force efforts overlap with ultimate marketing success!

Get started with SmartyAds SSP today!