Demand Side Platform

Fuel Your Marketing Success with SmartyAds DSP

Work smart, not hard by generating ROI and leads with SmartyAds Demand Side Platform (DSP).

Digital campaigns that bear fruit become reality with SmartyAds’ daring idea to bring marketers the powerful technology to gather programmatic ad buying, campaign optimization and management under one roof across multiple digital media channels: Display, Video, Native and Mobile.

Ad Opportunities

Ad Opportunities
Desktop 350 Billion Monthly Mobile (App, Web-mobile, Native) 400 Billion Monthly Video 60 Billion Monthly Combination is power

Benefits of SmartyAds’s Demand Side Platform:

Combining billions of impressions spanning across varied digital advertising formats, SmartyAds DSP becomes a winning programmatic solution for marketers, advertising agencies and resellers hunting for Plus Size deals. Hop on and make use of:

Centralized Management Tool Kit

Control each aspect of your marketing campaign through a single, easy-to-use DSP dashboard. Craft, launch, and monitor online advertising efforts with ease by plugging in to Demand side platform that performs all the heavy lifting on your behalf. Dot the i’s using the benefits of subject matter expertise and technology that we brought together to enable agency trading desks, direct advertisers, and media buyers spend their advertising dollars wiser.

Smartyads benefits

Global Reach

Our extensive network of demand partners trots the globe in real time, looking for the most relevant ad spaces to meet your campaign goals and generate more ROIs. Enjoy 250 + billion ad impressions per month on a single platform. Created by leaders for leaders, our demand side platform allows customers to use the benefits of placements on our publishers’ websites.

Transparent Pricing

Know where each of your dollars goes by paying only when your ads are seen. Set the budget and goals that translate into better performance and greater outcomes with DSP that breaks fresh ground for marketers and advertisers. SmartyAds utilizes the power of machine learning to help clients cut the cord to flushing money and start saving up to 30% of marketing budget.

Technology Is The King

When it comes to media buying, we help you taking informed decisions backed up by power of programmatic advertising. SmartyAds is your trusted ally in the world of digital advertising that deploys its sources to encourage intelligent real-time bidding. We change the digital advertising world on automation with programmatic media buying. Streamline bidding efforts along with DSP and start buying media more efficiently.

Smartyads DSP Features

Create outcomes one can boast of using the renowned features of our programmatic ad buying platform by accessing billion of ad views across mobile and desktop. Unlock your true potential and discover the advantages of:

Capabilities That Matter

SmartyAds have its data centers located on both the West and East coasts of the United States as well as Europe guaranteeing smooth workflow with no delays or interruptions. Being RTB compliant, SmartyAds demand side platform allows clients to maximize efficiency and harness full potential of real-time auction. Let your marketing campaign move with a brand-new groove SmartyAds has crafted for you!
Watch how to use our self-service media buying platform to leverage effectiveness of your online advertising!

Keep it simple

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