Header Bidding

SmartyAds Announces Launch Of Header Bidding Technology

Have you ever dreamed about maximizing your revenue and get rid of the waterfall that usually just lowers the CPM, thus making less profit? Now you have a solution. Using Header Bidding integration with SmartyAds, which is just a few lines of code in your website’s header, you make every publisher’s dream come true on your site – pure real-time auction with highest revenue for the publisher and fill rate at almost 100%.

How it works

When a user enters a website, Header Bidding code launches a request to SmartyAds’ demand partners and returns a creative with the highest bid. After that, the website performs a standard request to the ad server and also gets a response with a creative. However, while before Header Bidding integration publisher had to do waterfalling and decrease earnings, now he can fill the ad space with the creative from Header Bidding demand partners without losing revenue. Moreover, if the bid price from Header Bidding is higher than the bid price from the ad server, then more expensive ad is shown, which ensures highest yield for every impression. Header Bidding works asynchronously and does not affect in any way standard process of showing ads by your ad server, also guaranteeing minimal latency.

Codeless integration is a<br> reality

Codeless integration is a

SmartyAds’ Header Bidding was created to work with the publishers’ default ad stack configuration. Simply put a few lines of code in the website’s header and increase your earnings.

Yield Maximizing has never been that simple

Yield Maximizing has never been that simple

Header Bidding with SmartyAds guarantees that publisher gets the highest bid for the inventory it owns, staying at 100% fill rate at every website and with every advertiser. Thus, CPM and fill rate will always be at their peak.

Access world’s largest<br> buyers - directly

Access world’s largest
buyers - directly

With Header Bidding from SmartyAds, you can integrate directly with the world’s largest programmatic buyers on all platforms and media types. Drastically expand your demand and get the maximum from every impression.

Minimal latency regardless of your location

Minimal latency regardless of your location

Our Header Bidding integration does not affect latency as all the processes run asynchronously. So your pages load with the speed they have to. SmartyAds’ data centers around the globe ensure that bids are returned at the speed of light.