Elevating Conversion Rate by 2.05%
Enhancing Clickthrough Rate (CTR) by 4.28%
Decreasing Cost Per Install (CPI)
Optimizing Cost Per Mille (CPM)



Polina LLC, a private mobile app developer, shifted to SmartyAds DSP while searching for a secure and cost-efficient ad environment that would result in great outcomes: user acquisition maximization in Google Play, boosted conversion rate, and decreased cost per install.

The client valued the robust metrics dashboard, filter lists, bid level adjustment, in-depth data analysis across various dimensions, and smart proprietary auto-optimization mechanisms like Click Booster and AdaptiveCPM.

Polina LLC received an excellent CPM to CPI conversion and was very satisfied with a low cost per install (CPI) along with other campaign outcomes. For comprehensive insights and specific outcomes, download the detailed case study.