Demand Policies

Last Updated October 22, 2021

  1. Introduction
  2. Prohibited content
  3. Restricted Content
  4. Prohibited Attributes


SmartyAds policies and guidelines contain must-follow recommendations and best mobile advertising practices that advertisers, agencies, ad networks, and other representatives of demand should apply to their ad campaigns while utilizing media-selling technologies of SmartyAds.

Using services of SmartyAds, the partners automatically agree to follow and adhere to the rules established here and in SmartyAds Privacy Policy . Any violation of these rules can be subjected to immediate creative rejection, suspension, or another kind of responsibility or attributed to our sole discretion. Advertisers are responsible for the representation of their products, services, or ideas contained in the creatives. This responsibility extends to the links in the text of the advertisement, as well as to operations and sales advertised through the service.

We reserve the right to modify the guidelines listed in Demand Policies when we deem relevant. Please notify, that keeping updated with policies and regulatory changes is a subject of your own responsibility. In this concern, make sure to occasionally review them in order to stay updated.

Prohibited content

Our policy regarding prohibited content contains recommendations on types of advertising materials which can be considered appropriate. When advertisers place orders, each ad is tested for compliance with these rules. Rejected type of content includes:

  • Materials that propagandize violence [IAB25-2].
  • Adult sexual content, products, and services of sexual nature [IAB25- 3].
  • Content encouraging discrimination, hate [IAB25-5] or offensive content, profane materials [IAB25-4].
  • Weapons and related goods [IAB26-1] (Illegal Content).
  • Drugs and supplies for them [IAB26-1] (Illegal Content).
  • Tobacco products and all related supplements, which include equipment for electronic smoking [IAB9-9].
  • Materials that include mentions or related to hacker attacks, fraud, spyware, malware, and hardware/software damage. [IAB26-3].
  • Materials that violate copyright that includes but is not limited to torrents, P2P sharing, warez [IAB26-2], and other types of illegal sharing. [IAB26-4].
  • It is forbidden to advertise fake, counterfeit, and potentially dangerous products or services [IAB26-4].
  • Illegal goods, services and content encouraging bomb-making, and sharing the information considering socially dangerous activities [IAB26-1] (Illegal Content.
  • Content generated by the user that didn't undergo necessary moderation [IAB25-1].
  • Clickbaits and content that encourages users to perform a specific action: click or download [IAB25-7].
  • Content related to traffic generation propositions, including fraudulent one [IAB26-1].
  • Content that contains false or misleading statements, such as a quick way to get rich, etc.
  • Religious content or content related to certain spiritual practices [IAB23] or hate content in relation to communities that may include racial, national groups, sexual orientation [IAB25-5], social status like ‘veteran', or else.
  • Content with scenes of abuse [IAB7-28] or substance abuse [IAB7-42].
  • Content containing hunting, and shooting to animals [IAB17-18].
  • Advertising of products that are subjected to state registration (in the absence of such registration).
  • Endangered animal species products [IAB26-1] (Illegal Content).

Restricted Content

  • Content featuring alcoholic beverages [IAB8-5], [IAB8-18].
  • Online gambling services, casinos, lotteries (with a feature of real money cash out) [IAB9-7].
  • Prescription medicines, food supplements, and health products. [IAB7- 5].
  • Finance consulting services, [IAB13-1], Loans [IAB13-2], IAB13-4 Financial Planning, [IAB13-5] Hedge Funding, [IAB13-6] Insurance, [IAB13-7] Investing, [IAB13-8] Mutual Funds, [IAB13-9](Options), [IAB13-10] Retirement Planning, etc.
  • Information associated with political campaigns [IAB11-4].
  • Pregnancy content [IAB6-7].
  • Freebies and contests [IAB22-1].
  • Adult humour.
  • Adult-themed dating, escort services, "mail-order brides", or similar services.
  • Recreational drugs.
  • Fireworks.
  • Content for kids.
  • Extrasensory persons, astrologers, predictors of the future, etc.
  • Disparaging or competitive to SmartyAds.

Prohibited Attributes

DSP must never serve ads with these creative attributes:

  • Auto-redirect ads – these are ads that automatically redirect the user without the user's engagement or action (e.g., click, touch).
  • Deceptive ads that resemble user interface elements (e.g., text boxes), and/or ads that do not ask the user for permission before initiating any services/fees. This includes click-to-call and click-to-subscribe ads that do not include an intermediary land page or another prompt that clearly explains the terms and/or fees associated with the call or subscription.
  • URLs that lead the user to the page contradicting with content that was promised by the initial ad.
  • Creative that aims to install on the user's device spyware, or potentially harmful software.
  • .apk files that bypass App Store and Google Store.
  • Phishing techniques aimed to ask users to disclose their personal information.
  • Creatives that replicate system device notifications and messages - Windows Dialog or Alert Style, play, chat, and other system functions.
  • Ads which are initiated or downloaded automatically without user permission. It may bear potential safety risks for the user.

Complying to mentioned recommendations and regulations, you create honest and safe advertising that demonstrates respect to your audience and positively impacts your image and advertising campaign outcome. If you believe that your ad has been rejected by mistake, please contact your dedicated account manager, and we will take all necessary measures to resolve the situation in accordance with our policies.