Smarthub VAST endpoints

For SSPs which have VAST traffic that doesn't work with OpenRTB requests, SmartHub offers VAST endpoints functional as an alternative to OpenRTB.

How it works

Within VAST endpoint, Smarthub provides the publisher (SSP) with a link for a GET request;
The SSP replaces (substitutes) macros with values and sends it to SmartHub. SmartHub repacks it into OpenRTB-specified format and sends it to DSPs.
After receiving a response, SmartHub repacks (transforms) it back to XML VAST and sends it to SSP.

How to add an endpoint

Click 'New endpoint' at the Supply Side.

Set the Name and select the 'VAST' Connection Type:

Set Bidfloor, so all the requests will have this bidfloor.
Select Sizes: ‘All Sizes’ in case the SSP serves different sizes. Or, select ‘Custom Sizes’ and set Width and Height – in this case, SmartHub will set that size for all requests.
Select Company to which this endpoint belongs; select Region, Margin, and Spend Limit.
Set whether to use or not to use a Protected Media scanner (it must be enabled on the SSP side).

Click ‘Generate Endpoint’.

After endpoint saved, you will see such notification with a link:

You can add several macros to the link in order to provide additional information with a request.
Use the drop-down list to add macros to the link.
Click ‘Macros’ to show or hide the list of available macros.
Note: CB (cash buster), UA (user agent), IFA (device identifier for the advertiser) and IP macros are already included in the link.
You have to add at least one of the following macros: PAGE_URL (for mobile web traffic), DOMAIN (for desktop web traffic), or APP_BUNDLE (for application traffic).

After adding macros, click ‘Save’.

You can change macros later on the endpoint editing page.