Adtech definition encompasses all the technology associated with advertising campaigns, as well as all information, processes, and performance measurement metrics.

Ad tech platforms are developed in order to help advertisers, media-buyers and advertising agencies create, manage, and optimize online advertising campaigns. Complex programmatic systems are run by AI and MA algorithms that deliver every particular ad message to the relevant user according to the target options.

Website owners can use ad tech platforms to sell advertising slots at their inventory (desktop, mobile, CTV, etc.), and sell their inventory in real-time auctions.

SmartyAds explains what is ad tech industry

Advertising technology definition appeared approximately in 2007 when the first ad server was launched. What does ad tech stand for in terms of technological platforms?

DSP - a programmatic platform that lets media-buyers run targeted advertising campaigns in real-time through a single interface.

SSP - is a programmatic platform that helps media owners sell their inventory in real-time auctions.

Ad tech definition also includes Ad Exchanges; this programmatic platform is used by both advertisers and publishers. It simplifies the process of media buying and selling for both parties allowing them to trade directly.