Developed by Google in the year 2016, AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source framework made up of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It helps developers in creating a lightweight system that accelerates the loading speed. All in all, it is a great way of optimizing web content, particularly on mobile devices.

Hence, incorporating it into your email marketing campaigns can also work wonders for your business. Google has already announced AMP for emails in 2018. So, it's high time you leverage it and send interactive and engaging content to your subscribers.

Here's how you can AMPlify your professional email templates by making the most out of AMP for emails.

Drive user-generated content through email

For better engagement, you can include a poll in the email and ask the subscribers to share their opinion. Aweber has used AMP to ask the subscribers whether they would be sending a Black Friday or Cyber Monday email campaign. Similarly, you can use AMP to drive visibility on digital marketing channels by allowing the recipient to tweet from the email itself. It would be a revolutionary advancement in the field of digital advertising.

Incorporate dynamic content

AMP email can do a lot more than traditional email and give your subscribers a rich user experience. While traditional email just allows a reader to read, watch or click-through and visit the respective landing page, an AMP email facilitates versatile engagement by eliminating the need to visit the landing page.

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Your subscribers love content that's creative, engaging, and fun. Instead of putting their time and efforts in reading a long product email, a GIF or a video can explain to them the same thing in 5 seconds while making their experience entertaining. In fact, 66% of marketers are already using pictures, videos, and GIFs for achieving their email marketing goals.

So, if you wish to have an edge over your counterparts, AMP is the key. Here're the dynamic content elements to be used in AMP email.

  • amp-form - It works as AMP's form element and allows developers to create forms directly in emails that a user can fill on their own.
  • amp-selector - It is a multi-select widget that can be used in a form.
  • amp-bind and amp-state - It works as a simple scripting language in AMP. It allows seamless interaction between elements through the state machine manipulation. Further, it can also be used to add behavior to particular events. Amp state can be used to fetch the initial state machine values remotely.
  • amp-list - It helps in fetching JSON data remotely that can be rendered by an.
  • template type = "amp-mustache" - It helps in rendering the results of an amp-list call.

Seamless layout

The traditional email comes with a rigid layout. AMP for emails helps by opening it up with elements such as a carousel for media, accordion to showing and hiding different sections, lightboxes for images, etc. Here's how you can use AMP for giving your emails a perfect layout.

  • amp-accordion - It is a user interface element that works towards showing and hiding different sections.
  • amp-carousel - It works as a carousel UI component.
  • amp-sidebar - It works as a sidebar for navigational purposes.
  • amp-image lightbox - It works as a lightbox for containing images.
  • amp-fit-text - It works as a helper component for fitting text within a particular area.
  • amp-time ago - It helps in a seamless rendering of timestamps.

Optimize media content

Media often increases the load time, resulting in increased bounce rates. This is where AMP for emails comes in handy. It has two elements that ensure efficiency and speed without having to compromise on media or design.

  • amp-img - It works as an AMP component that replaces image.
  • amp-anim - It helps in embedding GIF files.

Now, since you know how AMP for email works, the next question is how can you leverage it for your email marketing strategy? Take a look.

Apply it across various industries

You can drive your business growth and generate huge ROI by using AMP the right way. Here's how you can do it across various industries.

  • Ecommerce

AMP can work wonders in boosting your e-commerce business. You can use AMP to give your subscribers the option for check out within the email itself. From selecting the size, color, and variant of a product to completing the checkout, imagine being able to do everything right through the email without having to land on the webpage. It would surely give users a seamless buying experience. Further, you can do the same with cart abandonment emails too.

  • Travel and food industry

Travel and Food industry can make the most out of AMP by allowing a subscriber to book a table at a restaurant or check the availability of tickets from the email itself.

  • Finance

The finance industry can leverage AMP by making loan calculations easy for its users. The marketers can do so by filling up a form with loan amount and loan duration and further doing the calculations right within the email.

  • Event invitations

Marketers can use AMP to send invites where the customer can RSVP through the email. It wouldn't only accelerate your engagement rate but will also increase the number of your subscribers.

  • Feedback and surveys

With the help of AMP, you can ask the user to give their feedback or fill up a survey right through the email. It will save their time and effort in going to the landing page. As a result, the seamless experience will enhance the response rate of surveys and feedbacks.

App development in the email

Imagine simulating a mini-app within an email. Yes, you can do so through AMP. For instance, food ordering apps like GrubHub can let the customers explore the menu and order food right from the email. It would make ordering food so much easier for them.

Include interactive elements in the email

AMP can take the interactivity of your email to a new level by allowing users to browse through catalogs and image carousels. They can even reply to comments on Google docs and RSVP to an event through it. Moreover, with 32% of marketers working with interactive emails already, it is undoubtedly a great email marketing strategy to boost customer engagement. An interactive email allows the recipient to do an action from the email. This action is followed by another event on the same email then. In short, such emails help users complete a call to action without having to leave the email client midway. Now, isn't that an impeccable way of boosting your ROI?

Here's an example of an AMP email that shows all the elements like slider, form, and accordion.

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Wrap up

Google, with the launch of AMP, has certainly revolutionized the way email marketing worked. According to Litmus, 31.4% of marketers are making use of AMP for their email marketing campaigns.

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So, if you wish to get ahead and have an edge over competitors, it is high time you leverage the potential of AMP to the core.

Author Bio: Kevin George is Head of Marketing at Email Uplers, one of the fastest-growing custom email template design and coding companies, and specializes in crafting professional email templates, PSD to HTML email conversion and free HTML email templates in addition to providing email automation, campaign management, and data integration & migration services. He loves gadgets, bikes, jazz, and eats and breathes email marketing. He enjoys sharing his insights and thoughts on email marketing best practices on his blog.

Written by
Irina Kovalenko, CMO of SmartyAds
April 2020