Ivan Guzenko is an ad tech visionary, influencer, and independent ad tech advisor.

Ivan’s in-deep understanding of advertising business coupled with his profound programmatic and technical knowledge enables him to apply pinpoint potential areas for innovation and quickly raise industry-disrupting products. Ivan believes that automatization, ML, AI algorithms, and other smart technologies at the core of programmatic are the drivers that are destined to bring media buying and monetization to the new level of efficiency.

Skills and Certifications

  • Organizing and growing marketing and advertising projects
  • Business development and project management
  • Market research and analytics
  • Developing business strategies and implementing them
  • Expert content creation: opinions, interviews, market development predictions
  • Extensive experience in diverse marketing areas: eCommerce, sales, affiliate, mobile, in-app, CTV advertising, media planning, PPC and CPM advertising, media buying, monetization, web marketing, analytics, PR, etc.