Like many other publishers that embark on the shore of Google AdSense monetization, you are probably looking for a viable solution to get the most out of your inventory. It’s no wonder that Google AdSense pops into your mind first when you think of generating income through advertising. Around 46,501,553 live websites are currently using Google AdSense because it is one of the most renowned platforms allowing publishers to easily monetize their websites and blogs without having to meet a minimum daily number of visits.

Still, there are tons of different options that can successfully substitute Google AdSense, but why exactly would you need them? Let’s discover the reasons why publishers look for alternatives to this solution and review what options are available. Then, let’s see how to select the alternative platform according to your needs correctly.

Why do publishers search for alternatives to Google AdSense?

  • Eligibility. Google AdSense says that publishers are not required to meet a certain number of daily visits, making it very appealing at first sight. At the same time, one cannot be sure that their blog or website will be accepted by default — the approval process will consider many criteria, including content and how valuable it is. If you had fraudulent activity on your inventory, your AdSense account can also be blocked without the opportunity to restore it. For this reason, before you start working with AdSense, it is important to read and follow all their terms and conditions to avoid violating their rules.
  • Revenue Share (RevShare). No matter what platform you use as a publisher for monetization, a certain share of the commission that advertisers pay for the ad placement, goes to the ad network. With Google AdSense, publishers earn around 68%, but some alternative options take a smaller percentage for their service. 
  • Customization of ads. Some options give more ad customization freedom so publishers can better adjust the look and feel of their visitors' advertising experience. AdSense is pretty standard in this sense, so publishers are often searching for more supported formats elsewhere. 
    Languages. AdSense definitely supports many different languages. However, some representatives of minor languages can still struggle to find the right option. For this reason, they select a different, localized solution. 
  • Diversifying the income sources. Working with more partners means more opportunities to earn, which is why publishers normally work with several partners at once. Alternative ad networks help them out by providing more revenue sources and boosting their eCPMs to a higher level. 
  • Scaling the business to an entirely new level. Monetizing your inventory only with AdSense is one thing. Still, sometimes publishers want to achieve a completely new level of income, and for this, they decide to build their own solution. Acting as solution owners, they don't only monetize their own inventory and profit from it; they manage the entire media trading between the partners they integrate and, consequently, receive much greater profits. 

What are the main alternatives to Google AdSense? 

We have already reviewed why publishers may choose an alternative to AdSense above, and now we will offer you some worthy replacements. Consider the highly specific serving conditions when choosing AdSense alternatives from the list below. The objective is to find the specific service that best meets your business's needs. 


Adsterra allows publishers to optimize revenue management by supporting ad slots of almost any format and size: Native, Pop-Under, Social Bar, etc. Its main features are its user-friendly interface and comprehensive support, which is available 24/7. If you are looking for Google AdSense alternatives, look closely at Adsterra. It may be the right solution to help you optimize your advertising portfolio. 

Adsterra in numbers:

  • 20 thousand advertising campaigns running simultaneously;
  • over 32 billion unique ad impressions per month;
  • support for 248 geolocations to target. 

One of the Adsterra features is an innovative approach to optimizing the bidding process using artificial intelligence algorithms. We at SmartyAds actively support such developments and introduce our own optimization algorithms to enhance our products. Due to the responsible attitude, we can say that Adsterra is currently one of the best alternatives to Google AdSense. is also one of the best Google AdSense alternatives, as it is essentially their direct competitor, developed by Yahoo and Bing. The key feature of this platform is the high requirements for the website, its structure, and content quality. Since allows targeting by contextual parameters, the platform has a wide range of algorithms for evaluating the content on a page. Only websites with high-quality content are allowed to bid, which, on the one hand, complicates interaction with the service and, on the other hand, puts in the ranks of high-paying Google AdSense alternatives.

As long as you are sure that the content of your domains and even the design of your pages meet the platform's high-quality requirements, you can try to attract a high-class audience from the UK, USA, and Canada with Anyway, the experience of using the platform will be useful for developing your business. 


Another one of the high-paying alternatives to Google AdSense that deserves your attention. PropellerAds is an ad network that helps publishers monetize traffic flowing to their websites with the help of push notifications, banners, and sponsored links. Unfortunately, the number of ad formats available for connection is limited by the service itself. 

Among the big advantages of PropellerAds:

  • a user-friendly built-in ad editor;
  • fast and representative real-time metrics;
  • an expanded number of settings for more precise targeting;
  • ad optimization using artificial intelligence algorithms;
  • automation tools that minimize manual intervention. 

Consider using PropellerAds if you are a publisher looking for new ways to monetize traffic. Since the service does not have strict requirements for connected users, it can become a great source of additional income. You can use different AdSense alternatives to monetize diverse pages of your website. If you choose to diversify, we recommend monetizing the majority (up to 80%) of your traffic with your preferred service or platform. At the same time, the rest can be used as a testbed for business experiments.

SmartyAds SSP

We also offer publishers monetization with our products. SmartyAds SSP is a programmatic advertising platform that allows you to work with different types of ads, using prebuild partners to start bidding quickly. Instead of praising our own product, we will speak the language of facts.

  • Machine learning technologies to improve bidding metrics. The longer you use the platform, the better your performance will become thanks to dynamic optimization models embedded. 
  • Support for direct and indirect inventory. The platform is optimized to work with different types of demand-side partners, managing all deals in one place. 
  • Option to expand your advertising infrastructure. In addition to SSP, we can offer you a DSP platform and an Ad Exchange, covering the needs of all types in the AdTech industry. 

If you are looking for an alternative to AdSense, but the information in this article was insufficient, contact us for a free consultation.

White-label SSP by TeqBlaze

In the past, SmartyAds had an Enterprise Solutions Department, now a separate company — Teqblaze. The expanded team continues improving products that form new programmatic companies' foundations and self-sufficient centers.

White label SSP + Ad Exchanges is one of the two Teqblaze’s products. Without a doubt, we consider white platforms to be the best Google AdSense alternatives. Because it is a blank sheet of paper on which you draw your own programmatic business. This is exactly the case when you are not looking for an alternative, but create your own, supplementing the out-of-the-box solution with unique integrations and improvements. This option has countless advantages over all the previous ones, but it is suitable only for experienced players. Novice publishers are better off choosing one of the Google AdSense alternatives from the list above.

Best Google AdSense alternatives by SmartyAds experts

We have also prepared a list of the top alternatives to Google AdSense in the convenient PDF format. Download it now!

  • We’ve compared the options according to the supported traffic types, monetization models, types of deals, payment terms, and most defining features necessary for publishers. 
  • We’ve also inspected the differences between AdSense, Ad Manager, and Ad Mob. 
  • Finally, we’ve reviewed how publishers can scale up and create their own white-label solutions to raise their business to a new level. 

Interested to find out more? Explore our document's comprehensive comparison and insights to discover the ideal ad monetization solution tailored to your needs. Empower your publishing journey today with our carefully curated resources!

Download the PDF file The Best Google AdSense Alternatives for Publishers!