We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that Ivan Guzenko, our CEO is now officially a member of the Forbes Technology Council! The community invites the best industry experts, innovators, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs whose knowledge and expertise can help digital businesses grow and evolve. For the Ivan, it is an excellent chance to broaden business network, share applicable advice with the rest of ad tech masterminds, and redefine day-to-day digital business practices.    

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Together leaders can do more

Forbes Technology Council a part of Forbes Councils is connecting leading CIOs, CTOs, and technology executives into an invitation-only community created by Forbes and Scott Gerber, CEO of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC). 

Before the candidates join the community, they are vetted and evaluated by the review committee. Representatives of the committee inspect both richness and depth of potential member’s experience. Accomplishments, honors, and background that demonstrates that the candidate’s work had a positive impact on business before are also counted in. 

“It’s an honor for us to have Ivan in our community,” says Gerber. “The purpose of Forbes Councils is to gather the greatest leaders together in a capital-driven network. We multiply the power of their knowledge and create a guided and curated environment that businesses of any scale can learn and benefit from.”

New immense collaboration scope

Forbes community is also created to open the world of new opportunities, using which entrepreneurs can gain more influence in their area and reach peak professional performance. For now, Ivan can join the forces of the international team and collaborate with the rest of the thought leaders. 

Ivan is honored and thankful to the Technology Council committee for giving him this new wonderful opportunity to share his knowledge with the world. He can’t wait to start collaborating with experts across industries and change the digital world for better.

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming updates on the roadmap and remember, - dream big because SmartyAds team can make these dreams come true. 

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