If you ever dreamed about a magic booster for your ad campaigns here is the good news - you have it now on your SmartyAds DSP and the name of this new feature is click booster. You can find it in your DSP dashboard, activate it, and enjoy the automatic continuous campaign improvement. Powered by machine learning algorithms, this new functionality will increase the likelihood of clicks for your branding campaigns leading to much better CTR, performance, and conversion. Where to find this feature, how to activate it and why is it so important? Let’s sort these questions one by one in this article.

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The essence and main functions of the click booster

Click booster is a new feature on your SmartyAds DSP, based on the self-learning mechanism this tool can increase click-through rates for your ad campaigns which, in turn, will lead to much better campaign performance.

Where to find the click booster? The tool can be found in your DSP dashboard. Go to the Platform UI and create a new ad campaign, after you’ve selected the type of your ad campaign you will be able to fill in the basic campaign details (as featured on the screen below). As you see, the click booster appears in the bottom corner of the form. Pull the button to the right and it will activate the optimization for the ad campaign.

click booster settings

How is this feature supposed to work? As soon as you have the feature activated it will continuously learn and analyze the clickability of the sources matching the results with selected targeting for the campaigns. Based on the results of the analysis, the system develops the interpretation keys according to which the decision-making regarding impressions will be made. For instance, one of the developed ‘keys’ may indicate that based on previous experience the clickability of a particular source was low for the campaign with given targeting options. This way the source will be interpreted as low performing.

Another scenario is when the source has abnormally high CTR, in this case, the clicks will be considered suspicious, so the system will block ad serving on such resources. Instead, the system will single out those sources where CTR for the ad campaign will settle on the most optimal level - the one that drives the best campaign outcomes.

The mechanism will educate itself starting on the second day after campaign activation. From time to time the developed keys for the ad campaign will be updated according to the new incoming information. This way click booster will be constantly learning and adjusting to the new results so that media buying could stay flexible yet very efficient.

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What are the benefits for advertisers?

With the click booster function turned on, your ad campaigns will be automatically optimized according to the targeting criteria. Such a selection algorithm increases the likelihood of clicks on your ad and automatically develops smart bidding strategies that lead to better campaign performance and conversions.

To sum up

Click-through rate is one of the most important metrics of ad campaign performance that also influences conversions and engagement rate. This is the reason why we decided to add an automatic CTR optimization function on SmartyAds DSP. The beauty of this new click booster function is that it helps to decide on what sources your ads will be served so that they could be interesting for the viewers and thus more efficient. Stay tuned, new DSP updates are on the way!

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