We are happy to introduce to you a new feature on SmartyAds DSP - ‘Autoresize’ for advertising creatives. Today this feature is officially rolled out, and this means we can’t wait to tell you everything about it: how it works and how to fine-tune it so that your ads fit more ad slots and thus generate more ad impressions. Don’t worry, it will be easy, buckle up and let’s start reviewing.

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What is autoresize and how does it help you fill more ad spaces?

  • Autoresize is a feature that adapts creative resolutions so that your ad unit easily fits popular ad placements. If you activate this DSP option, it will be automatically resizing your creatives according to the parameters of the particular ad slot.
  • Where you can find the feature: Log in to the DSP platform, then go to the “Campaigns’ tab, and open campaign settings. After you fill in campaign details (basic campaign settings, targeting, budget, optimization rules, etc.) proceed next until the step where you need to upload the creative. In the window where you upload the creative, you’ll find the toggle ‘Autoresize’.

creative autoresize

  • How to use the feature: Move the ‘Autoresize’ toggle to the right to activate the function, after this, the system will automatically autoresize a creative to help it fit ad spaces. You can apply the feature for banner ad formats.
  • Who will benefit from this feature: This feature can be especially beneficial for advertisers who don’t have enough traffic due to the fact that their advertising creatives are non-standard and don’t fit the most of available ad placements. The creative with optimized resolutions will fit more ad slots and thus promote more ad impressions for the advertiser.
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Wrapping it up

The new Autoresize feature for creatives promises to be very advantageous - it brings new opportunities for advertisers to get more ad impressions by aiming at various kinds of placements. While setting the automatic resizing for your creative you ensure you can serve your ads on a larger pool of ad slots. In the end, you can count on substantially more impressions, clicks, and conversions for your ad campaigns. In the previous updates we were also covering another new useful feature on SmartyAds DSP called ‘Adaptive CPM’, read the whole article to discover how it will adapt your bids in the way that they always bring the best possible campaign results.

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