With the rise of mobile the ad tech industry experienced a shift in the way the audience consumes the information. The user is no longer glued to a single device, watching, reading, and browsing with a number of gadgets. Multi screening became a new norm, and marketers have to adjust their a portfolios to the new reality.

This June, IAB Technology Laboratory released their new ad portfolio. The latest version features adjustable ads, that adapt creatives to different screen sizes and resolutions. After four months it’s time to take a look at it again and check, how the industry sees the transition.

The new portfolio was designed to replace the previous guidelines that include rich media units, Universal Ad Package (UAP), as well as guidance for other ad units. The portfolio integrates flexible ad sizes, as well as incorporates the LEAN principles of lightweight, encrypted, AdChoices supported, and non-invasive advertising.

The new IAB ad portfolio was designed for HTML5. It includes the guidelines for social media, mobile emoji ad messaging, mobile video ads, virtual reality, augmented reality, as well as 360-degree video ads.

Flexible size for ad formats brings a huge change from the current fixed size ad formats. In the new guidelines the formats are defined by the aspect ratio the width and height. Therefore the ad has to maintain its aspect ratio to fill the maximum placement available.

SmartyAds supports the principles, outlined in IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio, and will implement a step-by-step transition to the new guidelines. As the successful implementation of flexible sizes requires cooperation from supply side, demand side and supporting services, we encourage our clients to explore the opportunities of adjustable ad formats.

The tech world is evolving at a rapid space and it’s up to the industry to embrace the new consumption rules. At SmartyAds we were always the first to implement the new technology and ride the wave of innovations. The demand for the new ad unit guidelines has been developing for several years and now it’s time to change the principles accordingly.

To check the final specifications of the ad units, please go to iab.com/newadportfolio.