Instagram is undoubtedly the most loved social networking platform for startup businesses, and it is also an ideal marketing tool for marketers, as stated by Enterreneur. It features massive rates of engagement and a huge follower base. Thus, it represents a huge potential for businesses that strive to reach impeccable brand awareness KPI. Plus, if you are capable of creating a high rate of engagement, it will be easy for you to drive more traffic.

You have to focus on optimizing your posts and creating unique messages, which match your niche. This is going to help you in increasing your follower base easily. Apart from this, you need to focus on several other important marketing strategies.

What you should know about Instagram

Most people think that Instagram is particularly about influencers, however, this is not totally true. Instagram might be an amazing platform for celebrities, especially because it has easy and quick ways of sharing updates. However, sharing can also be used by startup businesses for attracting more followers. Instagram marketing can help any startup business to reach a new height of success.

Given below are the important strategies of Instagram marketing which small businesses need to follow in order to increase brand reputation.

Expand the reach with hashtags

Creating unique hashtags for your brand is essential for increasing the reach. It will also help you to target particular segments of customers. Startup strategies of marketing need to focus on relevant hashtags. Your aim should be setting up hashtags, which will help in attracting customers. Punch line hashtags are also one of the best ways of gaining more customers. Apart from that, hashtags also help people to locate content, which has relevance to your brand.

With time, your startup is going to gain popularity, and more people are going to use the hashtags for mentioning your products on the web. You have the option of using 30 hashtags for one single Instagram post. Instead of using the hashtags in the caption, it is a good idea to post them in the first comment. If you are using popular hashtags, the content will be discovered more often. It is not difficult to find the top hashtags, which belong to your niche. Make sure that you are doing keyword research and convert them into hashtags.

You have to keep in mind that posts that have hashtags are going to get more engagement, irrespective of their kind. It is also suggested that you consider creating hashtags for your brand so that you can help your startup grow. Branded hashtags can be brand slogans, simple phrases, or call to actions. Hashtags need to focus on promoting the business. Apart from helping you gain followers for your Instagram account, you will gain loyal customers for your business.

Create brand narratives with Instagram stories

Instagram stories can provide a great experience for users. Upload interesting videos and images to the Instagram story if you are interested in creating a certain buzz around your business for an entire day. According to one of the reputable marketing experts, Seth Godin, there is nothing as powerful and compelling as a great Instagram story. Instagram stories can provide excellent avenues for building powerful narratives for your brand.

You can attain your business goals with this interesting marketing strategy. With Instagram stories, you will also get the freedom of experimenting with various kinds of content, like boomerang images, short videos, live videos, and regular photos. Focus on adding stickers, texts, and face filters.

Instagram stories can help startups target new customers. You can also consider interesting calls-to-actions to make the stories even more prominent. Focus on creating viral content for your brand. Leverage Instagram analytics through the feature, use stats to check engagement, views, shares, comments, likes, etc.

Leverage Instagram influencers

When you are working with Instagram influencers, more people discover the services and products that you are offering. Instagram influencers can generate more buzz. Therefore, it is a great idea to contact Instagram influencers who belong to the same niche so that you can use them for promoting your brand successfully. Instagram influencers can attract customers by uploading captivating images on their account. Apart from that, your target customers will believe human reviews more than your brand’s story. Therefore, if any Instagram influencer is talking nicely about your products or services, you can gain more followers. Make sure that you are focusing on the engagement rate and the follower count before you hire your influencers.

Offer discount deals

When you post amazing deals on Instagram, it can lead to a great return on investment. Offer special discounts for your followers, organize contests, giveaways, and offer special deals. Consider marketing your business by running contests and giving away presents. This will help you to gain even more followers on your business account. This is one of the marketing strategies that all the brands, from different parts of the world, are incorporating within their marketing strategies.

Share powerful videos

Video marketing is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools for gaining brand recognition. Video ad formats can attract 80% of the attention of your potential audience. Moreover, they can help in building credibility and trust for the startup brand. You can consider offering a sneak peek of your new products or provide a tour of your office. Short videos can work perfectly well for your business. They inspire and engage social media users. Therefore, you should not forget to use videos in your marketing strategy.

Reaching big numbers, which are highly crucial for becoming famous, may be a labor-intensive process. In this case, professional support will be the best way to boost your video content successfully in the shortest possible period. Instead of spending days to see some results, you can find what you are looking for on that provides all necessary services to make your social life more comfortable. On this page, you’ll receive access to great opportunities, as well as can choose the package up to your budget and needs. Using such kind of paid promotion will help to:

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So, no matter what goals you’re following, running an account properly and being an active Instagrammer is an essential part of having a booming business. To push your brand forward asap – make sure you have expertise right-hand player over your back.


Instagram can help in making your brand right from the start. Consider the marketing strategies that have been listed above so that you can go in the right direction and boost the growth of your business.

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Written by
Irina Kovalenko, CMO of SmartyAds
February 2020