Voluum DSP, a self-serve programmatic media buying platform, has just entered a mutually beneficial collaboration with SmartyAds SSP. This collaboration will provide advertisers of Voluum DSP with access to the finest quality inventory offered by SmartyAds SSP. It will also provide a unique opportunity for the publishers of SmartyAds SSP to significantly extend their media-selling opportunities, as this way they will connect to the vast pool of global demand partners.

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Why we partnered with Voluum DSP

Voluum DSP is a self-serve programmatic media buying platform built for affiliate marketers and performance agencies. Voluum DSP has access to many native networks and offers a global reach of about 7 billion ad requests daily. The platform works on a CPM basis.

Partnering with SmartyAds SSP is a move that will boost already spectacular supply connections on Voluum DSP.

This collaboration inevitably brings value to both our companies. Advertisers of Voluum DSP will find the reach of premium publishers turn even more impressive. They will be able to run advertising campaigns in a brand-safe and effective environment that continuously elevates brand recall and user engagement.

Extended monetization opportunities, coupled with smart inventory management on SmartyAds SSP, will enable publishers to receive the best value for ad inventory when connecting with Voluum DSP advertisers. As more advertisers will participate in auctions and bid on impressions, the competition for high-quality inventory will increase, meaning that publishers can expect to receive the best value for their ad placements. When the value is fair, then publishers can undoubtedly count on better yields they get from monetization.

Another great partnership with Voluum DSP only proves that we keep sticking to our best tradition, and growing a network of trusted partners that reinforces our capacities is now priority number one. It was an important decision, and we expect that while working with Voluum DSP, our publishers will benefit from premium demand that converts into better revenues.

What’s next?

Our team is thrilled to announce this new partnership, as Voluum DSP definitely has impressive capabilities. We will continue to show our dedication to our clients by allying with industry-best advertising technology providers. Today, we are happy that we’ve made yet another step towards greater monetization capabilities on our SSP. With more top-notch demand delivered by Voluum DSP, publishers can monetize their content effectively, getting access to the relevant ads and ensuring that they receive a seamless and memorable advertising experience. Together with Voluum DSP as a partner, we will surely make the advertising ecosystem beneficial for everyone.

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