SmartyAds is launching a White Label Demand Side Platform for ad agencies, advertisers and media traders. SmartyBidder provides direct server to server connections between Supply Side Partners and Bidder via OpenRTB protocol along with User Interface in order to create and maintain ad campaigns. This programmatic multi-channel ad bidder continuously processes bid requests and delivers ad tags in bid responses. Our team have done all the hard work for the brand owners and will take care of upgrades, uptime, and deliverability. You will get a wrapped up Bidder branded as your own and will be able to start gaining profit almost immediately.

Get access to thousands of publishers and media houses which support OpenRTB protocol. SmartyBidder supports mobile, desktop, video, native and other types of formats. Moreover, you’ll get access to our DMP, which creates the most precise audience segments.

SmartyBidder White Label Solution provides rich real-time data, precise statistics and machine learning mechanisms, which will help to: - monitor the effectiveness of advertising - plan your expenses - control the return of investments.

SmartyBidder offers flexible instruments to arrange maximum optimization of advertising campaigns.

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