The SmartyAds team is attending IAB Annual Leadership Meeting on February 11-13. The event will be held in Palm Desert, California. Join us to talk about the latest industry trends, the forecasts for 2018 and define the course of the ad tech.

IAB Leadership Meeting is an annual conference which gathers 1000+ decision makers of the world’s leading companies and brands. This is the event, where the ad tech industry first confronted such pressing issues, as ad viewability, fake news, digital video and a TV ecosystem, fraud, as well as privacy and transparency issues.

In 2018 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting explores the new DTC economy and how it will be driving the growth this year. The сonference covers the strategies (organizational, marketing, data) to help brands adapt their businesses to the rapidly developing market.

You can check the list of attendees of IAB Annual Leadership Meeting here. The CEO of SmartyAds, Ivan Guzenko is participating in the event. He’d be happy to share his thoughts on the latest technology developments and the SmartyAds cutting-edge solutions.

If you’d like to set up a meeting at IAB Annual Leadership Meeting, just drop us a line at

Written by
Anastasia Sul'zhyk, PR Marketing Specialist of SmartyAds
February 2018