These days advertisers entrust substantial segments of their advertising budgets to agencies, whose revenues are reaching $440.8bn (data for September 2023). The market is booming because agencies play a pivotal role in aiding their clients in the seamless operation of their businesses, aptly allocating budgets, and refining targeting strategies while leveraging the media-buying tools like demand-side platforms.

Excitingly, breaking news in this advertising realm unveils a game-changing development: SmartyAds DSP has introduced a highly convenient feature with agency account functionality. This feature empowers agencies to efficiently manage multiple client accounts, enhancing their capacity for streamlined campaign oversight.

Stay tuned for more information on this groundbreaking feature in our article. We'll delve into how it's set to revolutionize advertising campaign management, offering valuable insights into its impact.

Agency or individual account – what is the difference?

Accounts on SmartyAds DSP come in two types: individual and agency. The difference lies in their purpose, where individual account is normally used by a single advertiser or a media-buyer, and the agency account is tailored for the streamlined management of multiple advertiser accounts by the agency, through a unified login.

A short review of the agency account: purpose and functions

The agency account on SmartyAds DSP serves as a centralized hub for overseeing all advertiser accounts from a single location. This account enables the agency to operate as an admin in order to:

  • Launch and manage campaigns on behalf of advertisers
  • Add and manage client accounts
  • Track campaign performance in real-time
  • Access billing and payment details
  • Establish access permissions for each individual advertiser account. This will define the actions that a particular advertiser can do, e.g create a campaign, edit a creative and more (see the screen below). 

How is this beneficial?

1) Convenience to manage campaigns

Streamlining agency workflow is made effortless with this function as it enables multiple client accounts management in seamless way via a single login.

In the campaigns section of the DSP dashboard, the agency can:

  • Launch ad campaigns via agency account
  • Launch ad campaigns on behalf of advertisers (thanks to leveraging certain user ID).

This proves especially beneficial for agencies handling numerous client accounts, eliminating the need for juggling multiple logins and dashboards and ultimately saving valuable time.

Plus, in such platform sections as dashboard, campaigns, and audiences, the agency (admin) can filter information for each individual advertiser, which can potentially optimize reporting and accelerate client-agency communication.

2) Easier payment

In the Billing section, the agency (admin), having a specific deposit in its account, can utilize the "Deposit” or “Withdraw" button to efficiently distribute funds to advertiser accounts or retrieve funds from them.

Again, this feature proves advantageous, as there’s no need to change accounts to operate campaigns funding across different advertiser accounts. It streamlines financial transactions, thereby enhancing overall financial management and facilitating a more transparent and efficient process for both the agency and its clients.

3) Easier reporting

Utilize the agency account to generate personalized reports showcasing essential metrics and performance indicators for advertisers. Additionally, there’s an opportunity to leverage the platform to establish automated rules and alerts.

How to get started with an agency account?

Get in touch, and we will promptly respond to gather information about your unique needs and challenges. Once the details are finalized, we will assess your request to understand whether an agency account is necessary and will satisfy your specific requirements. If deemed suitable, we will proceed to create your personalized agency account, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your objectives. After this, you can connect advertiser accounts and manage them in a seamless way.

The bottom line

SmartyAds DSP's innovative agency account feature emerges as a game-changer in the dynamic realm of advertising. With streamlined campaign oversight and management, agencies can elevate performance of their clients while saving valuable time.

The platform's commitment to revolutionizing advertising campaign management ensures a seamless experience for advertisers and agencies, unlocking new possibilities for success. Connect with us today to embark on a journey towards enhanced efficiency and unparalleled campaign management tailored to your unique objectives.

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