Opera, one of the major Internet browsers, has recently allied with SmartyAds SSP to set up a new, beneficial collaboration. So, what can we expect from this direct partnership? Opera gets access to the brand-safe, superior quality inventory available at SmartyAds SSP so that its advertisers can run efficient ad campaigns. Meanwhile, publishers of SmartyAds SSP will significantly extend their monetization opportunities while easily accessing premium demand from Opera. Let’s review in detail what this collab brings to the table and why it is so important for our publishers.

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Why Opera?

Opera is leveraging 25 years at the forefront of web development, building browsers. With hundreds of millions of monthly engaged users across their product range and a great team of engineers, researchers, analysts and marketeers across 10 countries. Opera is headquartered in Oslo Norway and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (OPRA).

The Opera browser continually enhances capabilities in order to provide users with a seamless and safe browsing experience that fits all the screens, platforms and operating systems. Striving to ride the innovation wave, Opera also frequently enriches its browser with useful features loved by users.

Today Opera is building its audiences in Europe, Africa and Asia across 4 product categories: computer and mobile browsers, AI-driven news platforms and fintech applications.

What makes collaboration with Opera so cool?

It’s worth noticing that, aside from all the above-mentioned capabilities, Opera gathers the best global advertisers with their Opera Ads solution. Since its launch in May, 2019, Opera Ads has become a force to be reckoned with – it reaches and engages millions of Opera users worldwide with innovative, content-based Ad experiences from Opera’s global inventory, across its portfolio of products, and has become the third biggest ads platform in Africa, hot on the heels of Google and Facebook.

Within the framework of this recent collaboration, advertisers of Opera will accelerate their campaign capacities with inventory from premium publishers of SmartyAds:

Working with SmartyAds will allow us to extend reach and impact for our advertisers so that they obtain unparalleled results from ad campaigns and achieve optimal audience engagement. We also believe that, with our shared effort, we can elevate standards of programmatic trading and make it even more transparent and cost-efficient.

While Opera maximizes its advertising capacities, publishers of SmartyAds SSP will get the chance to monetize their inventory in an environment that translates into high yields and a seamless user experience.

We’ve been looking forward to giving this partnership a go, so this is definitely a big day for us. SmartyAds always looks for all possible ways to scale up advertising and monetization opportunities that we have on our platforms. Opera is one of those companies that continuously evolves and quickly adapts to new market realities. Here, we definitely have shared values. We are honored to have Opera as one of our direct partners and happy for our publishers, who will receive true value for their inventory while accessing an immense pool of global demand.

To sum up

SmartyAds collaboration with Opera is an important milestone in the development of our trusted partnership network. Our paths have crossed because together we can empower advertisers and publishers with better advertising and monetization outcomes. We hope that this partnership will be fruitful and extremely beneficial for our companies and that we stay in this cherished business relationship for many years.

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