Wow, we finally made it! Today we are proud to announce that SmartyAds White Label Ad Exchange® has passed through alpha and beta test stages and is now available for SmartyAds partners worldwide. Read on to learn about our newest product features and ask for a DEMO.

SmartyAds White Label Ad Exchange® is a fully supported digital marketplace, tightly integrated with all major sources of programmatic demand and supply. Our ready-made solution requires minimal upfront investment; it is quick and timesaving.

Launch your own RTB ecosystem and buy/sell online inventory on your terms right away! It has become imperative for us to create a universal White Label solution that would satisfy the needs of each and every client. Here is how we achieved that:

  • A strong foundation is critical, which is why SmartyAds White Label Ad Exchange® is built on a solid framework, using the industry’s most advanced technologies: machine learning, predictive algorithms, and big data analytics.
  • Flexible customization tools allow easy interface branding and account personalization. Now you can incorporate your brand logo, theme and colors into various elements of the UI and use our White Label Ad Exchange as your own.

So just like that, you can have your own, fully-branded Ad Exchange that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally rich. However, here is the sweetest part: SmartyAds White Label Ad Exchange® has one more aspect to boast - Blockchain-based transactions!

What makes SmartyAds White Label Ad Exchange® truly unique is the adoption of the Blockchain technology into all layers of the platform. SmartyAds clients can join the futures marketplace and trade futures inventory at guaranteed prices.

Blockchain Futures Trading System is a peer-to-peer network of immutable, distributed ledgers that ensure ultimate security and data protection. The Blockchain technology moves the control over data from the vulnerable centralized repository to multiple endpoints of the network, making the system virtually impermeable to theft or fraud. SmartyAds provides the most innovative solutions to make programmatic transparent and ultra-safe.

How Do I Get SmartyAds White Label Ad Exchange®?

To get access to our blockchain-based solutions please contact us at and ask about White Label Ad Exchange.

Written by
Irina Kovalenko, CMO of SmartyAds
February 2018