Online advertising commonly faces challenges with aesthetics, as banners can be jarring, and placements may disrupt content flow on websites. Statistics reveal that a staggering 88% of users choose not to revisit a website after having stumbled upon disruptive browsing or unsatisfactory UX. This underscores the critical role of user experience in engaging website visitors and successfully monetizing the web source.

At SmartyAds, we prioritize more than just delivering ads – we strive for seamless integration with publishers' content, aiming to enhance the overall user experience. Our diverse ad formats extend beyond the limitations of average formats, providing innovative solutions to convert ad placements into visually appealing elements that harmonize with the website's design. In this article, we will talk about all the types of advertising available on our supply-side platform and explain the advantages of each of them.

The banner remains a static ad format universally supported across various user screens and inventory types. It offers a versatile advertising solution suitable for both web and mobile platforms. In-app banners provide a straightforward method to showcase promotional content to users.


Deliver engaging video ad commercials and monetize content, even without a built-in video player. Our SSP offers a range of video ad formats, including in-stream, in-banner, in-article, in-feed, and interstitial/slider/floating ads. These formats seamlessly integrate with your user interface, ensuring a seamless and unintrusive ad experience across your site or app.

Native Ads

Native ad formats seamlessly blend with surrounding content, providing a non-disruptive advertising experience for users. Whether on a website, mobile site, or within an app, native ads offer seamless integration that enhances user engagement.

Sticky Ad

Maximize the value of scrolling footers with sticky ads. Available in side and footer banner formats, as well as video with a built-in player, sticky ads ensure continuous visibility as users navigate content.

Create a seamless user experience with footer ad units, smoothly transitioning from one ad message to another at the bottom of content. These scrolling banners maintain visibility while complementing the overall design of sites or apps.

Smarty Map

Smarty Map is a custom-created ad format tailored to websites featuring lists of venues and events synced to locations. By visually indicating the location of events or venues on a map, SmartyMap helps users better understand geographical contexts while serving relevant advertising based on location.

Ad Podding

Indicate podded supply in CTV and other OTT videos with ad podding based on OpenRTB 2.6. Create TV-like seamless ad experiences using our SSP's capabilities, ensuring a smooth transition between ad pods for viewers.


Scroller ads are designed to blend seamlessly within the content, allowing users to scroll through the website while encountering ads that appear integrated with the page. These ads move along with the user's browsing, maintaining visibility without being intrusive. By dynamically adjusting to the user's behavior, scroller ads offer a non-disruptive way to deliver promotional content, enhancing both engagement and aesthetics.


Interscroller ads take the concept further by seamlessly integrating within the natural scroll of the webpage. As users navigate through the content, interscroller ads elegantly reveal themselves, ensuring they capture attention without interrupting the browsing experience. This format not only enhances the visual appeal of ad placements but also maximizes user engagement by presenting ads in a fluid and unobtrusive manner.

Flexi Slots

Flexible slot ads provide publishers with the flexibility to customize ad placements according to the layout of their websites. These ads adapt to the available space, ensuring they fit seamlessly within the designated slots without compromising on visibility or aesthetics. By offering dynamic sizing options, flexible slot ads enable publishers to maintain a cohesive design while effectively monetizing their content.

Ad Refresh with Animated Transitions

One of the innovative features offered by SmartyAds is the ability to refresh ads with animated transitions. Instead of static placements, publishers can opt for animated transitions that refresh ad content at regular intervals, creating a visually dynamic experience for users. These transitions not only prevent ad fatigue but also add an element of interactivity and creativity to the advertising experience.

Customizable Animated Transitions

What sets SmartyAds apart is the ability to customize animated transitions according to the publisher's preferences. Publishers can choose from a range of animated effects, allowing them to tailor the transition to match the tone and theme of their website. This customization to ad placements enhances their visual appeal and ensures the ads have a unique touch that resonates with the target audience.

Benefits of Animated Transitions

Improved Aesthetics

Animated transitions not only add a touch of dynamism to the ad-refresh process but also contribute significantly to enhancing the overall aesthetics of a website. By smoothly transitioning between ad placements, animated transitions ensure that the layout remains visually appealing, maintaining coherence and harmony with the surrounding content. This attention to detail in design enhances the overall website experience, leaving a lasting impression on users.

Enhanced User Engagement

Dynamic transitions have a remarkable ability to capture users' attention and draw them into the ad content. Unlike static ads, animated transitions create movement and intrigue, prompting users to interact with the advertisements and explore further. This increased engagement leads to longer dwell times on the site, deeper interactions with the content, and ultimately, higher conversion rates for advertisers.

Brand Visibility

The use of animated transitions not only enhances the visual appeal of ad placements but also serves as a powerful branding tool. By incorporating dynamic and modern elements into their advertising strategy, brands can convey a sense of innovation and forward-thinking to their audience. Animated transitions create a memorable brand experience, reinforcing positive associations and fostering brand loyalty among users.

Reduced Ad Blindness

Regular ad refreshes are essential for preventing users from developing ad blindness, where they become immune to static ad content due to repetitive exposure. Animated transitions inject new life into ad placements with each refresh, keeping users engaged and interested in the content being presented. By maintaining a sense of novelty and excitement, animated transitions help break through the clutter and ensure continued interest and engagement with the advertisements. This results in a more effective advertising strategy and higher ROI for advertisers.

To sum it up

SmartyAds offers a comprehensive range of ad formats and features designed to enhance the outlook of ad placements while maximizing user engagement. From seamlessly integrated scroller and interscroller ads to customizable animated transitions, our solutions empower publishers to monetize their content effectively while delivering a superior browsing experience to their audience.

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